Hiring remote employees is one of the top trends for the workforce globally. And now that technology has changed how we worked, it gives companies from around the world the chance to hire MORE remote workers. There are so many positive points to this that companies should look into. Here are the top 10 benefits of hiring remote employees for your company: 

1. It is more cost-effective.

Your company pays less for more. You get more for your money because most remote workers value their freedom and flexibility so they are willing to work for less than your regular 9-to-5 employee. 

Not having to maintain an office space is a big breather for your company and your finances. You won’t have to think about rental fees, janitorial services, maintenance, equipment, and even water and electricity bills. 

Money-saving holds true for your remote worker since they do not have the need to gas up, pay for car insurance, buy work clothes, or even eat out for lunch. So it is definitely a win-win situation for all. 

2. The best talents are on your side. 

You are hiring highly-skilled individuals with specialized sets of talents. Most of these virtual professionals have worked for more than one company thus giving them a chance to be an expert in their field. 

They might not require more training but as the company sees fit, they can be offered more certifications. Your remote team will then be a special group of people, each working on their specific job. 

3. Increased Productivity

There are studies that show that workers feel productive and are really productive when they get to choose how they work, when they work, or even where they work. In choosing these, they recognize their most productive time to work thus doing more work than the usual 9 to 5 work schedule. 

There might be distractions along the way but remote workers have a higher level of accountability that encourages them to be more productive with their work. 

4. Work can be done 24/7 

By employing employees from all around the world, you get to reap the benefit of a 24-hour service for your customers. You can choose customer care service representatives to answer all your inquiries and answer problems at any time of the day because they can work in their own time zone. It gives your company the advantage of being able to care for your clients whenever these clients need your help. 

5. Better retention of employees

The company’s motivation for hiring employees is for them to attract and retain qualified professionals. In several studies, 90% of companies that hire remote employees have seen that their employees appreciate remote work thus has had a high impact on their employee retention rate. 

A young engineer who loves traveling is more likely to stay in his company if he is allowed to work wherever he may be located, may it be in tropical Cancun or the snowy Alps in Austria. 

6. Easier to communicate

It has been mentioned that technology has helped shape how we do work nowadays. There are countless tools and applications that are available for team collaboration, messaging, conferencing, and project management. 

There might be some hesitation from most who have worked traditionally in offices. They may have seen foreseen problems such as communication gaps, poor team collaboration, ineffective project management, and unreliable productivity analysis. However, there are many tools best for remote teams. These tools are mostly made and designed by start-up companies that have worked with remote teams themselves. 

And of course, the availability of email, instant messengers, and video calls are also making it easier for everyone to come together to work and meet. 

7. Offers everyone in the company a better work-life balance 

With the right technology, team management, and monitored productivity, doing remote work for your company offers a better work-life balance. Flexible schedule options for your remote employees also help them recognize the best time for them to be more productive. They can work their schedule around their personal life and family events. 

8. Access to a bigger and global talent pool

There is no limit to looking for the best people that you need for your company. You will not be hindered geographically and financially during the hiring process. Your only goal now is to have access to highly qualified and talented candidates where you can choose only the best. 

9. The company has less employee turnover

When the employee has a choice in how they can do their work, you will definitely see the heightened loyalty because they are more satisfied with their work plus they get to enjoy their lives more. Also with fewer people leaving the company, you save more on time and effort in recruiting and onboarding new staff. 

10. Your company will be helping the environment

According to a survey by the Global Workplace Analytics (https://globalworkplaceanalytics.com/resources/costs-benefits), Sun Microsystems reported that their 24,000 US employees who have participated in their Open Work Program were able to avoid producing 32,000 metric tons of CO2 by driving less to and from work. 

Remote employees conserve energy, create less pollution, and use less paper, plastic, and other materials in the office. 

More and more companies are hiring remote employees. Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, American Express, Dell, and Wells Fargo have been hiring hundreds of thousands of remote workers from different countries around the globe to answer the constant call for cost-cutting and increasing productivity. 

If the bigwigs are doing it, why not join in and reap the benefits mentioned above? Talk to us and see how Rivermate can help you with your remote teams.