Our mission is to enable
companies to hire anyone, anywhere

The problem with remote hiring

Remote working is becoming the standard and this allows companies to attract talent from all around the globe. However hiring remote employees comes is extremely complex. Think about payroll, benefits, compliance, local taxes, which is different in every country.

Rivermate solves this problem completely by offering a platform to onboard, manage, pay distributed teams.

The Founder

CEO / Co-Founder

Lucas Botzen

Before founding Rivermate, Lucas co-founded a remote company called Boloo. He experienced first-hand the troubles of hiring remote employees compliantly. During the COVID-19 pandemic he witnessed many companies going remote and struggling with the same problem. Then in December 2020 he decided to sell his company and focus on fixing the problem with remote hiring.

Reach out to Lucas via mail (lucas@rivermate.com)→
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Who we help

From small businesses to large enterprises, Rivermate support businesses in every stage they are in. Whether it's the first contractor you hire or the expansion to a different country, we are here to help.

What we value

We are driven by our values. They are our guiding star and help us make decisions.


In a world of complexity, we want to aim for simplicity. Instead of adding more complexity, we strive to keep it as simple as possible.


Companies trust us with their payroll and compliance. We take this seriously and make sure we deliver the best work possible.


We feel a strong responsibility to add value to the world. We make decisions using our moral compass and hold ourselves responsible for our actions.


It always seems impossible, until it's done. In our industry, a lot of things seem impossible. And we strive to do the impossible.

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