Manage your employees in one dashboard

No more spreadsheets. Easily onboard new employees and manage your people from one place. Invite your employees to the dashboard so they can self-onboard, view their payslips and information.

Rivermate | company dashboard
{Rivermate | Self-service platform
Self-service platform
From data collection to digital contracts, your employees can onboard themselves in minutes.
{Rivermate | Easy management
Easy management
Approve payroll in a single click and manage your employees on our easy-to-use platform.
{Rivermate | Expense management
Expense management
Handle expenses, including receipts. Employees can request for expense reimbursements within the dashboard.
{Rivermate | Time off management
Time off management
Manage time off in your team. Approve or reject requests. See exactly who is taking time off and when.


Let your employees self-onboard

With our self-serve platform, you can invite your employees to onboard themselves in minutes. After they have onboarded, they can use the platform to view their statistics and information, payslips and request for time off and expense reimbursements.

Rivermate | A man in the office

Welcome, Andrew

Onboarding: 80% complete

Rivermate | A man profile

Pending tasks

  • Sign contract
  • Upload passport
  • Upload diploma
  • Upload CV

Continue onboarding

Rivermate | The process of office work on laptops
Worker Type
Rivermate | Rose D. - EmployeeRose D.
71.000,00 USD
Rivermate | Peter K. - ContractorPeter K.
45.000,00 EUR
Rivermate | Xing Z. - EORXing Z.
51.000,00 CNY
Rivermate | Martin E. - ContractorMartin E.
30.000,00 EUR


Manage your payroll and employees

No more spreadsheets, and outdated information. With our HR tools, you are always up to date. Manage your employees from a single source of truth. Add employees easily and approve your payroll with a single mouse-click. All within one straightforward dashboard.


Enable and manage your employees expense reimbursements

The expense reimbursement process allows you to pay back employees who have spent their own money for business-related expenses. Let your employees spend on behalf of your company and easily reimburse the expenses on the next payroll.

Rivermate | Man at the meeting zoom

Expense reimbursements

Pending expenses


112,60 EUR ex. VAT

Office chair

345,50 EUR ex. VAT

Approve expenses

Rivermate | Desert landscape with a girl
Rivermate | Profile - Bec Foster

Bec Foster

Time off: 4 days remaining

A new time off request has been received

Start date: 13th of May

End date: 17th of May

Approve time off


Manage and approve time off requests

Managing paid time off, made simple. Track time off, approve (or reject) time off requests. Get insights in your employees national public holidays and time off. Employees can make time off requests and manage their time off in their dedicated dashboard.

We help you hire remote employees in 135+ countries, compliantly and easily.

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