Full compliance and protection

Our platform is designed to safeguard your business, stay complaint around the world, hire faster and look after your employees. Full compliance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Jane Smith

Customer Success

GDPR compliant

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Rivermate | Local compliance
Local compliance
With local experts in 135+ countries, we can guarantee 100% compliance with local laws.
Rivermate | IP protection
IP protection
Our confidentiality and intellectual property agreements help you protect your trade secrets.
Rivermate | Privacy compliance
Privacy compliance
Rivermate is compliant with the privacy and security requirements in all countries we serve.
Rivermate | Regulation guidance
Regulation guidance
Our experts stay on top of regulation changes and make sure you stay compliant.


Full local compliance, in every corner of the world

As an Employer of Record, we take care of the full compliance in all countries of your employees, so you don't have to worry about it. You do not have to worry about taxes, compliance, or government complexity, as we take care of it. Wherever you hire, we've tailored our contracts to limit your liability and protect you from country-specific dangers.

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Rivermate | Sales Representative - Cassy Hinks

Cassy Hinks

Sales Representative

IP protection


GDPR compliance


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Intellectual propery

Rivermate | Designer - Sam Dabbs

Sam Dabbs

Designer (full-time)

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Safeguard your company's IP

Wherever your team works, Rivermate protects your trade secrets with confidentially and intellectual property agreements. We constantly monitor changes in intellectual property law and update the agreements and protections accordingly.

No matter where you go, Rivermate offers the strongest IP and invention right protection.


Full privacy compliance

Payroll data and personal information contains sensitive information. That's why we are compliant with the privacy and security requirements in all countries we serve. Our platform safeguards your and your employees' privacy.

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Your data is protected

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Local payroll experts

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Local legal and HR guidance

Our experts stay on top of new regulations and if there are changes we update you briefly, and make sure your employees stay compliant. There's no need for you to be an expert in law in every place where you hire; our team and network of legal and HR specialists are ready to assist you.

We help you hire remote employees in 135+ countries, compliantly and easily.

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Hire your employees globally with confidence

We're here to help you on your global hiring journey.