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The Complete Guide: How to Attract Talent to your Job Offering

Published on:
December 20, 2022
Written by:
Lucas Botzen

For any organization to create a gap over its competitors, it has to manifest something the competitor does not. This could be hard work, good leadership, or size. Quite frankly, considering the uncertainty in the world of business, it could be anything. Be that as it may, no one could argue that the talent of the workforce in a company plays one of most crucial roles in the company's success.

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Talent can be your company’s most remarkable assets or your organization’s vital resources. The performance of your company is heavily dependent on the performance of your employees; cultivating a talented workforce is, therefore, a recipe for success. However, recruiting talents to your business can be a challenging and crucial task—thousands of talents in the job market scan through many job postings every day.

Luring them could be achieved by establishing the perfect job posting template or writing an attractive job description. This article will help you level up your recruitment process at a professional level.

These are the six (6) recruitment strategies that you can implement to make your job post stand out,  easily attract job seekers, promote your company, and hire top-notch candidates: 

1. Write convincing job descriptions

Suppose you intend on recruiting the most talented individuals to work for you. In that case, you will need to deliberately persuade them that working for your company is a decision they will not regret. One way to achieve this is to write a convincing job description. Writing an engaging, clear, and concise job description is an effective way to captivate talents’ attention. 

  • Provide an accurate title. The first thing that job seekers will read is the job title. Making titles more specific and relevant grabs the most qualified candidates’ interest in applying for the position. 
  • Create an overview. In this section, you need to elaborate on the tasks, activities, responsibilities, and skills the position requires. It allows job seekers to determine if they fit into the role. 
  • Introduce your company or business. Providing a summary of your company or business not only informs job seekers about you but also entices them to apply.  It makes your job description more credible and personal. 
  • Avoid making long descriptions. Include what are essentials, and refrain from adding too much information that is not relevant to the job description. Indeed Data suggests that 700 to 2,000 characters job descriptions gain at least 30% of applications. 

Read more: How to write a job description for a remote position?

2. Maximize the use of social media

Job markets became extremely competitive due to the demand for the remote workforce. Recruiters compete in finding and hiring the ideal job candidates. With the help of technology, recruitment processes escalate to a more advanced and efficient way. Social media allows you to share job posts to entire communities and networks without emptying your pocket. However, most of the companies that hire remote workers struggle with compliance and regulations.

One excellent solution to this problem is Rivermate. It makes the recruitment and hiring process of remote employees easier and worry-free. ‍

3. Make the recruitment process lenient but efficient

The tedious recruitment process can have numerous risks and repercussions, one of which includes talents’ loss of interest. It would be best if you will value the time of job seekers as you value your clients’ time. Asking them to accomplish many unnecessary tasks for the screening process is unprofessional and a waste of time. It can cause a delay leading them to find another job or get hired by the competitors. 

4. Adapt the employee referral program

Implementing the employee referral program is not new to social media recruiting. It is a great strategy to reward your employees while encouraging them to refer to the best talents they know in your company. Especially nowadays, where many people are online, they can quickly contact their relatives and friends who can be the best fit for the job position. You can provide gift cards, bonuses, and incentives for each referral. 

5. Improve your Company Page

One of the factors that job seekers consider before proceeding with the application process is the company’s image and reputation. Most of the time, they would look into your company’s social media accounts and website to read some employee and customer reviews, salary data, and other information. Improving and customizing your page effectively leaves a good impression on them. It will surely make up their minds to apply. 

6. Offer great benefits 

Providing talents with benefits and perks in return for their service is the best thing you can do as an employer or recruiter. With this, there is no need for you to attract talents for a job position because they are the ones who will ask you to hire them.

Even though working from home became more popular than ever, many job seekers, even employers, are still not well-informed about regulations and policies regarding remote workers’ benefits and perks. (Read more: Remote independent vs. Remote employee)


Luring the most talented individuals and making them your company’s employees is a move that should be comprehensively studied, given much thought to, and strategized perfectly. Some of the ways to do this are to organize your job description and make it as informative and as concise as possible, utilize social media to recruit potential employees, and establish a more lenient yet efficient recruitment process. Other ways to do this are to adapt to the employee referral program, design your company page to look more professional, and finally, offer attractive benefits to your people. After all, they are who your company heavily relies on. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a catchy job description?

  • Know what job seekers are looking for. You cannot attract talents into your company without exerting any effort. Doing a simple background check about your target candidates is a prerequisite to writing a catchy job description. Using keywords in job descriptions' titles such as remote admin jobs, remote administrative jobs, or remote administrative assistant jobs is another way of letting potential candidates easily recognize your company. Searching for commonly searched keywords for job descriptions or typing “how to write a job description example” on google is the first step to know what job seekers are looking for. 
  • Be deliberate in describing what jobs your company is offering. Your job description must be accurate enough in detailing what type of employees you are interested in. Are you looking for an administrative assistant? Then specify the word “administrative assistant” in your job description. Are you in search of a cashier? Then create a job description for a cashier that is unique to cashier candidates. 
  • Be specific. Job seekers are likely to be more interested in job descriptions that precisely fit their skills and qualifications. Thus, your job description should specify down to the tiniest details. For instance, if you are advertising a remote job, it will help if you stipulate in the job description the remote job meaning, terms, conditions, and regulations required by your company from the candidate. You can even differentiate work from home duties from on-site duties in your work from home job description. 
  • Provide a company summary. You should also give an overview of your company, so the candidate knows what they are getting into when your company’s employers hire them. In this summary, you can include the atmosphere and ambiance in your company, the benefits and privileges you are offering, the job specification, and the candidate’s duties and responsibilities. 
  • Include photos in the job description. Including visuals of the work environment (e.g., the workspace, the desks in the office, etc.) is a wise strategy to hook the candidates to work for your company.

How do you describe working remotely?

Remote work is a working style whose dynamics are quite different from the traditional working environment. It takes inspiration from the concept that work is not required to be done in a specific place for it to be successful. In other words, remote work proposes that work can be done anywhere, and not just in a single location. 

What makes a job attractive?

In a survey by Peak Sales Recruiting of recent college graduates who were asked to rank 21 items from which they think are the most important down to the least important aspects when considering a job opportunity, the top five items in the results are (1) Work/Life Balance, (2) Promotion Opportunities, (3) Meaningful Work, (4) Job Stability, and (5) Fun Work Culture. 

These results show that people, particularly millennials, want a job that pays them stably. They also want to work in a company that lets them balance their work and social lives, which goes for every remote job. Nevertheless, writing a perfect job description makes a job more attractive, from a project manager job description to a job description for a sales associate. Every candidate wants to be valued in a company. 

What is the job recruitment process?

The job recruitment process is a step-by-step process of luring and attracting potential individuals to fill the organization’s workforce. This process entails the identification of vacant jobs, the analysis of job requirements, the review of job applications, screening, and the shortlisting and selection of the right candidates for a company. 

Where do recruiters look for candidates? 

The most likely place where recruiters scan for potential employees is undoubtedly in job boards and career sites. However, when they are not on these sites, they can also be searching in LinkedIn or utilizing applicant tracking systems. Other times, they study candidates in networking events or using employee referrals. 

What recruiting methods are most likely to attract your attention?

Recruitment methods come in two different forms: external and internal. Internal recruitment happens when the recruiter looks inside the organization and external recruitment when the recruiter seems outside. External recruitment methods that will most likely attract a good number of candidates require electronic recruiting and advertisements. 

How do you attract talent?

As previously mentioned, most candidates will apply for a company that values them and their interests. Building an employee-focused culture in your organization will help your company gain recognition from potential employees.

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