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Get access to a secure, real-time, legally compliant, and automated global payroll management platform that allows you to pay remote workers easily in their home country. 

Hire remote employees

Run payroll in one click

Hire full-time employees anywhere around the world in 150+ countries fully compliant.

Easy setup

Hire and onboard your team in days, not weeks. Let your employees self-onboard, all within one dashboard.
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One invoice

No signup fees, annual contracts, just simple transparent pricing. A monthly invoice to pay for your global team.
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Local compliance

We're 100% locally compliant with local labor laws and assure compliance in your payroll as well.

A seamless global payroll system

Managing global payroll will require you to get through legal compliance, different languages, currencies and benefit systems. Without the right tools and processes, your business is at risk of costly penalties from lawsuits and therefore losing business opportunities. 

With Rivermate as your global payroll provider, we have in-country partners located across 150+ countries to ensure that your payroll is tailor-fit to the unique requirements of each country. 

We adhere to global standards, so that you can provide your employees with transparent, accurate and on-time payments for services rendered. As such, you save time, and resources so you can focus on business growth.

What should you look for in a global payroll service provider?

Global payroll is commonly defined as the process of managing and paying for services rendered by employees and contractors around the world. This process can be implemented seamlessly with a Global Employment Solutions provider, whose global services must include these basic services:

  • Onboarding of Employees on your behalf, so you save time finding the right talent;
  • Protection of your intellectual property rights, so you keep your business ideas safe;
  • Complies with local labor laws, so you build better business relationships globally;
  • Process payroll automatically with whatever currency, so you comply with labor laws and taxation;
  • Deliver and manage employee benefits, so you retain your top talents;
  • Pay contractors on your behalf, so you save time and focus on strategy and growth.

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Global health insurance for remote employees
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Compliance and taxes taken care of

Our team of labor law experts and specialists make sure you're compliant in every country you have employees in. We take care of taxes and compliance, so you don’t have to worry about that.
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