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Vacation and Leave Policies

Understand the regulations on vacation and other types of leave in Greenland

Holiday leave

Greenland, an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark, has a labor market significantly influenced by Danish laws and collective agreements. This means that finding specific, reliable labor laws and regulations for Greenland in English can be challenging, as many official sources are primarily available in Danish or Greenlandic.

Vacation Entitlement

Most employees in Greenland likely have a general entitlement to paid vacation leave. The standard in Denmark is five weeks (25 working days) of paid annual leave, and many Greenlandic collective agreements likely mirror this.


Employees are likely entitled to receive full pay during vacation periods.

Important Considerations

The collective agreement applicable to your industry or workplace will be the most definitive source for your vacation leave entitlements.

Where to Search

If you read Danish or Greenlandic, the Government of Greenland's website may provide some general labor regulations.

Public holidays

Public holidays are an integral part of every country's cultural and social fabric. They provide an opportunity for citizens to commemorate significant historical events, celebrate religious occasions, or simply enjoy a day off work. Here are the official public holidays:

New Year's Day (January 1st)

Maundy Thursday (March/April)

The Thursday before Easter Sunday. The date varies yearly.

Good Friday (March/April)

The Friday before Easter Sunday. The date varies yearly.

Easter Sunday (March/April)

The date varies yearly.

Easter Monday (March/April)

The day after Easter Sunday. The date varies yearly.

General Prayer Day (Store Bededag) (April/May)

This is the fourth Friday after Easter. The date varies yearly.

Ascension Day (May/June)

The date varies yearly.

Whit Sunday (May/June)

The date varies yearly.

Whit Monday (May/June)

The date varies yearly.

Greenland's National Day (June 21st)

Christmas Eve (December 24th)

Christmas Day (December 25th)

Second Day of Christmas (December 26th)

New Year's Eve (December 31st)

It's important to note that some communities might celebrate additional local holidays or festivals. Also, businesses and services may have adjusted hours or closures during public holidays.

Types of leave

Employees in Greenland, given the strong alignment with Denmark's labor market, are likely to have access to several types of leave. These include:

Vacation Leave

Employees are very likely entitled to paid vacation leave, also known as annual leave.

Sick Leave

After a certain period with their employer, employees likely become eligible for paid sick leave.

Maternity/Parental Leave

There is likely some form of paid maternity leave, and potentially parental leave for both parents.

Collective Agreements are Key

The specific entitlements, durations, and compensation for various leaves are primarily defined within collective agreements negotiated in each industry.

Danish Laws as a Guide

While not directly applicable, Danish labor laws could provide a general framework of the types of leave that might be available in Greenland.

Where to Find Reliable Information

Your employment contract and any applicable collective agreement are the most definitive sources of information. If you are a union member, your union representative can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on your leave rights.

Please note that without knowing your specific industry and workplace, it's impossible to provide a fully comprehensive guide to leave entitlements in Greenland.

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