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Who are boomerang employees?

Rehiring boomerang employees can be beneficial for companies. It includes their proven experience with the company, cost-effectiveness, increased skills and experience, quick reintegration into the company culture, and morale boost among the team. However, it's essential to ask the right interview questions to ensure they remain a good fit for the organization and to address any potential concerns. Here are some key interview questions to ask boomerang employees:

Why did you leave the company?

Ensure there are no unresolved issues and confirm that the employee left on good terms. This helps gauge their relationship with the company and their colleagues. Why do you want to return to the company?

Assess their enthusiasm and interest in returning, whether it's for a new role or to reoccupy their previous position. This question provides insights into their motivations and alignment with the company's goals. What have you been doing since leaving the company?

Understand the candidate's activities and roles since their departure, including any skills development or similar positions held. It helps evaluate their professional growth and relevance to the current role. How have you developed your skills?

Determine how the candidate has enhanced their skills during their absence and whether they bring new capabilities to the table. This question assesses their readiness for potential higher roles within the organization. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Evaluate the candidate's long-term career goals and alignment with the company's objectives. Ensure their aspirations align with the company's future direction and that rehiring them will yield a return on investment for the organization. By asking these questions, companies can assess the suitability of boomerang employees for rehiring, ensuring a positive impact on team dynamics and organizational success.

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