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Vacation and Leave Policies

Understand the regulations on vacation and other types of leave in Azerbaijan

Holiday leave

In Azerbaijan, the Labor Code provides guidelines for vacation leave for employees.

Minimum Entitlement

Every employee is entitled to a minimum of 21 calendar days of paid vacation leave annually.

Enhanced Entitlement

There are certain categories of employees who are entitled to extended vacation periods:

  • Workers in Specific Sectors: Employees in the agricultural sector, key government officials, certain management roles, and specific educational facility positions are entitled to 30 days of leave.
  • Seniority-Based Entitlement: Additional vacation days are granted to employees based on their length of service:
    • 5-10 years of service: 2 additional days
    • 10-15 years of service: 4 additional days
    • 16+ years of service: 6 additional days

Calculating Vacation Entitlement

The working year for vacation calculation commences on the employee's start date and concludes on the same day the following year. Employees become eligible for vacation leave after six months of employment. Ideally, vacation entitlement should be utilized within the current working year. However, under certain circumstances, unused vacation may be carried forward to the following year.

Other Important Considerations

Employees working in seasonal jobs are entitled to a minimum of two calendar days of leave for each month worked, typically taken at the end of the season.

Public holidays

Azerbaijan celebrates a variety of national and religious holidays throughout the year.

Secular Holidays

Azerbaijan observes several secular holidays, including:

  • New Year's Holiday (Yeni İl) on January 1st and 2nd
  • Women's Day (Qadınlar günü) on March 8th
  • Novruz Holiday (Novruz Bayramı) from March 20th to 24th
  • Victory Day (Faşizm üzərində qələbə günü) on May 9th
  • Republic Day (Respublika günü) on May 28th
  • National Salvation Day (Milli Qurtuluş günü) on June 15th
  • Armed Forces Day (Silahlı Qüvvələr günü) on June 26th
  • Restoration of Independence Day (Müstəqilliyin bərpası günü) on October 18th
  • National Flag Day (Dövlət Bayrağı günü) on November 9th
  • Constitution Day (Konstitusiya günü) on November 12th
  • World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day (Dünya azərbaycanlılarının həmrəyliyi günü) on December 31st

Religious Holidays

In addition to secular holidays, Azerbaijan also observes religious holidays, which are based on the Islamic Lunar Calendar:

  • Ramadan Holiday (Ramazan Bayramı) lasts for two days, with dates varying each year
  • Eid al-Adha (Qurban Bayramı) also lasts for two days, with dates varying each year

Important Notes

The dates of religious holidays are determined by the lunar Islamic calendar and therefore vary from year to year. Additionally, some holidays may be extended by government decree.

Types of leave

In Azerbaijan, employees are entitled to various types of leave under the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Annual Paid Leave

According to Article 115 of the Labor Code, employees are entitled to a minimum of 21 calendar days of paid leave annually. They are generally required to take at least two consecutive weeks. Increased entitlements apply in specific sectors or based on seniority.

Sick Leave

As per Article 123 of the Labor Code, employees unable to work due to illness are entitled to sick leave. The first 14 days are generally paid by the employer. For extended absences, the State Social Protection Fund may provide further compensation. A doctor's note is generally required for validation.

Maternity Leave

Articles 127 and 128 of the Labor Code stipulate that female employees are entitled to 126 days of maternity leave (70 days before the expected due date and 56 days after). Leave extensions may apply for multiple births or complications. Payment is usually provided by the State Social Protection Fund.

Paternity Leave

The Labor Code also provides for a short period of paternity leave around the time of a child's birth. The exact duration may vary.

Other Types of Leave

  • Study Leave: Employees may receive leave for educational purposes with varying terms and payment conditions.
  • Unpaid Leave: May be granted at the employer's discretion for personal or family reasons.
  • Bereavement Leave: Employees may be entitled to a short period of bereavement leave following the death of a close relative.
  • Marriage Leave: Employees may be entitled to a short period of leave upon marriage.
  • Military Leave: Leave for mandatory military service.

Specific terms and conditions of leave may be further outlined in employment contracts or collective bargaining agreements.

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