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Global Work Glossary

What should be included in a remote work policy?

A remote work policy delineates the agreement between an employer and an employee, elucidating the responsibilities, expectations, and procedures entailed in a remote work setup.

Components of a Remote Work Policy

When formulating a remote work policy, it's imperative to consider various facets of work performance, including those typically overlooked in a traditional office setting.

Remote Work Eligibility

Define which positions qualify for remote work, analyzing the organizational structure to ascertain telecommuting feasibility and frequency.

Remote Work Authorization

Specify the process for employees to request remote work, delineating approval procedures and responsible parties.

Work Expectation Management

Highlight remote team availability, working hours, performance metrics, and communication protocols.

Worker's Compensation and Benefits

Detail salary, perks, expenses, and benefits entitlements, emphasizing clarity for hybrid company arrangements.

Work and Wellness Expenses

Consider providing allowances for wellness and health needs, such as gym memberships, aligning with individual roles.

Rightful Termination

Ensure fairness in termination processes, prohibiting discrimination against remote workers and outlining equipment return procedures.

Compliance with Company Policies

Require adherence to company codes of conduct and policies, fostering equal opportunities for remote employees.

Safety and Security

Address insurance, liability, and cybersecurity measures to safeguard remote work environments and data.

Measuring Productivity

Focus on outcome-based performance metrics, reflecting the shift from time-based evaluation.

Communication Protocols

Establish clear communication channels and response time expectations to enhance remote collaboration efficiency.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Educate employees on safeguarding confidential information and implementing data protection measures.

Equipment and Tech Support

Provide necessary equipment, maintenance guidelines, and technical support resources for remote workers.

Implementing a Remote Work Policy

Disseminate the policy digitally, integrate it into onboarding processes, and ensure acknowledgment from remote employees.

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