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Global Work Glossary

What defines a remote job?

A remote job is a work arrangement where employees can perform their duties outside of a traditional office setting, typically by telecommuting. Remote work offers flexibility in terms of location, allowing employees to work from various places as long as they have the necessary tools and a stable internet connection.

Types of Remote Jobs

  1. Fully Remote: All employees work remotely, and there may not be a physical office space. Work is conducted virtually.
  2. Remote-First: While remote work is prioritized, the company may still maintain an office space for occasional meetings but doesn't require employees to work onsite.
  3. Hybrid (Office-Occasional): Companies have a mix of remote and in-office employees, with some employees having the option to work from home part-time.
  4. Temporarily Remote: Employees work remotely for a specific period, with plans to return to an in-office setup eventually.
  5. Remote Work Optional: Remote work isn't the norm but can be permitted under special circumstances with HR approval.

Most Common Remote Positions

Popular remote roles include software engineers, account executives, quality assurance engineers, product designers, consultants, and customer service representatives.

Where to Find Remote Jobs Online

Several online job boards specialize in remote job listings, including Flexjobs, LinkedIn, We Work Remotely, and Remote OK. These platforms offer opportunities in various industries and allow job seekers to filter search results based on preferences.

Transitioning to Remote Work

Transitioning to remote work requires adapting to new communication tools, project management systems, work schedules, and company cultures. Resources and articles are available to help individuals navigate the challenges of remote work and thrive in a virtual environment.

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