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Global Work Glossary

How is performance improvement managed?

Performance improvement is integral to effective performance management, aiming to elevate individual and organizational productivity. It's a proactive approach where managers assist underperforming employees in meeting organizational standards. This process primarily targets individual performance enhancement, with broader applications known as organizational performance improvement.

Importance of Performance Improvement

Managing performance issues is pivotal for workflow optimization and goal attainment. It entails identifying performance gaps and devising targeted solutions to enhance efficiency. Efficient performance improvement efforts yield numerous benefits, including boosted productivity, enhanced work quality, error reduction, increased job satisfaction, and time savings.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) serves as a structured pathway for underperforming employees to excel. Administered by HR managers, it sets measurable improvement objectives, provides necessary support, and outlines consequences for non-compliance. PIPs typically span 30 to 90 days, facilitating continual progress monitoring and assessment.

When to Implement a PIP

Implementing a PIP is warranted when there's potential for performance enhancement, such as persistent underperformance despite historical competence or personal challenges affecting work. Common performance issues addressed by PIPs include missed deadlines, subpar work quality, and poor team behavior.

When to Exercise Caution with PIPs

While PIPs are effective in most cases, caution is necessary in certain scenarios. Instances like mismatched managerial expectations or severe misconduct may render PIPs ineffective. It's crucial to assess each situation individually to determine the appropriateness of a PIP intervention.

Performance Improvement Examples

PIP interventions prove effective across diverse departments, addressing issues ranging from customer service enhancement to productivity optimization. Tailored interventions, such as customer service training or accountability collaborations, yield measurable improvements in performance metrics, fostering organizational growth and efficiency.

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