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Global Work Glossary

What does location independence mean in work?

Location independence denotes the freedom from being tied to a specific physical location, allowing individuals to live and work according to their preferences. On the other hand, location flexibility entails similar freedom but may involve occasional commitments or reasons that necessitate being in a particular place.

Key Differences from Remote Work

While location-independent individuals often engage in remote work, they possess greater flexibility regarding their whereabouts. Unlike many remote or hybrid job roles that mandate a fixed location, city, or country, location-independent individuals can earn income from any location, provided they have necessary tools such as a laptop, phone, and internet connection.

Contrast with Digital Nomadism

Location independence differs from being a digital nomad in that it does not mandate frequent travel. Individuals with location independence can opt for a home base while retaining the freedom to switch countries or locations at their discretion.

Advantages of Location Independence

Freedom: Location independence empowers individuals to eschew traditional commuting and rigid work schedules, granting autonomy to live and work on their terms. No Geographical Restrictions: Location-independent individuals enjoy the liberty to reside in any desired location worldwide, with minimal hindrance from time zones. Home Base Option: Despite the freedom to travel, many location-independent individuals opt to maintain a home base, providing stability when not on the move.

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