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Global Work Glossary

What constitutes a leave of absence?

A leave of absence is an extended period during which an employee is temporarily absent from their job, granted for specific reasons such as illness, family matters, or personal development opportunities. It can be mandatory or voluntary, each with its own set of regulations and responsibilities.

Types of Leaves of Absence

Mandatory Leave of Absence Required under laws like FMLA or ADA. Examples include parental leave, medical leave, military service leave, and jury duty. Voluntary Leave of Absence Requested by the employee and approved by the employer. Examples include sabbaticals, personal leave, professional development, and travel.

Employer's Responsibilities

Maintain the employee's job position. Continue providing benefits like health insurance. Maintain confidentiality of medical information. Avoid discrimination and allow the employee to return to work.

Employee's Responsibilities

Communicate return date and any changes in plans. Keep contact information updated. Avoid conflicting activities during leave. Make efforts to return to work as agreed upon.

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