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Global Work Glossary

What services are included in global mobility?

Global mobility services offer comprehensive solutions for supporting a global workforce, assisting companies in scaling into multinational enterprises. These services help address challenges associated with relocating employees, hiring in new locations, and ensuring compliance with immigration and employment laws in different countries. By outsourcing global mobility services, companies can enhance their global mobility programs while relieving their HR departments of administrative burdens and minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Key Aspects of Global Mobility Services:

1. Global Mobility Definition:

Global mobility refers to a company's capacity to mobilize a global workforce, encompassing activities such as hiring international employees and contractors, relocating employees for business travel, and supporting personal travel and relocation requests. With the rise of remote work, more workers are seeking global mobility opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

2. Components of Global Mobility Services:

Tax Compliance and Global Payroll: Global mobility services cover tax compliance and global payroll, ensuring adherence to local tax laws and regulations in countries where the workforce operates. Services include tax cost projections, coordination of personal and employer taxes, tax reimbursement policies, and tax filings. Employee Relocation: Assistance with employee relocation includes support with visa eligibility, cultural assimilation, and logistical aspects of transitioning to a foreign environment. International Healthcare and Benefits: Global mobility services help navigate healthcare regulations and mandatory employee benefits in different countries, ensuring mobile employees receive appropriate coverage and protections. Travel Risk Management: Services include assistance with immigration and customs, handling lost passports, addressing security concerns, and managing monetary issues during international travel.

3. Costs Associated with Global Mobility Programs:

Cost of Relocation: Includes packing, transportation, and accommodation costs for relocating employees. Mobility consulting helps determine the most cost-effective relocation approach. Cost of Living: Analyzing disparities in the cost of living between the employee's home country and the host country to adjust salaries or offer living stipends accordingly. Cost of Operations: Determining the expenses associated with having employees operate in another country, considering factors such as establishing legal entities or utilizing an employer of record (EOR) for remote work arrangements.

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