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Global Work Glossary

How are global mobility functions defined?

Global mobility functions are essential operations within a company that support its global workforce. These functions ensure the smooth transition and management of employees across different countries. Here's an overview of global mobility functions and their importance:

What is Global Mobility?

Global mobility has evolved from simply relocating employees to different countries to supporting a global workforce's personal travel and relocation needs. It encompasses facilitating seamless employee experiences across borders and significantly contributes to improving the overall employee experience.

Importance of Global Mobility Functions:

Global mobility functions play a crucial role in expanding a company's market reach, enhancing talent acquisition and retention efforts, and diversifying the talent pool. As companies increasingly expand internationally to capitalize on global opportunities, they rely on global mobility functions to ensure their workforce can effectively operate across borders.

Key Global Mobility Functions:

Visa and Immigration Support: Facilitating the acquisition of proper visa and immigration documentation for employees relocating to different countries is essential. Each country has its immigration policies, and staying informed about these policies is crucial to ensuring compliance and a smooth relocation process. Tax, Payroll, and Compliance: Managing international tax, payroll, and compliance issues is critical when hiring from a global talent pool or supporting employee relocations. Understanding various tax laws, social security schemes, and compliance requirements in different countries is essential to avoid financial repercussions and legal risks. Relocation Logistics: Assisting employees with various aspects of the relocation process, including visa and immigration services, travel arrangements, housing, schooling for dependents, transportation of household goods, language development, and cross-cultural training, ensures a smooth transition and successful employee experience. Global Benefits Administration: Understanding and administering different mandatory employee benefits in various countries is crucial. Compliance with local regulations ensures that employees receive the necessary benefits entitled to them by law, contributing to their overall satisfaction and well-being.

Responsibility for Global Mobility Functions:

While the human resources (HR) department typically oversees global mobility functions, some companies establish dedicated global mobility teams to address mobility challenges, develop mobility programs and policies, and ensure compliance with local regulations.

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