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Global Work Glossary

What are the components of global mobility?

Global mobility, also known as talent mobility, refers to a company's ability to efficiently deploy its workforce to operate in different countries. This includes navigating various aspects such as relocation logistics, employment law, immigration requirements, tax obligations, payroll, benefits, cultural acclimation, and talent management. As companies increasingly expand internationally to capitalize on global markets and opportunities, they implement global mobility strategies to facilitate workforce mobility. Here's an overview of global mobility strategies and global mobility services:

What is a Global Mobility Strategy?

A global mobility strategy is a tailored plan that outlines how a company relocates employees to live or work in foreign countries seamlessly. An effective strategy aligns with the company's business goals, vision, and culture, ensuring smooth workforce deployment while adhering to legal and regulatory requirements. Key components of a global mobility strategy include: Efficiency: Relocating employees swiftly with minimal disruption. Consistency: Ensuring a standardized process for all employees undergoing relocation. Compliance: Adhering to regulations in both home and host countries.

What are Global Mobility Services (GMS)?

Global mobility services, also known as global mobility providers or relocation management companies, assist companies in developing and implementing their global mobility strategies. These services include: Program Development: Developing formal global mobility policies outlining relocation benefits, eligibility criteria, and program administration. Mobility Consultants: Expert consultants provide guidance on global mobility solutions, minimizing costs, reducing relocation timelines, and enhancing talent strategy and retention. Employee Support: Acting as an extension of the HR department, providing support to employees undergoing relocation, ensuring they feel prepared for the transition.

Benefits of Global Mobility Services:

Cost Reduction: Efficient relocation processes and expert guidance help minimize organizational costs. Time Savings: Streamlined relocation timelines ensure quick deployment of mobile employees. Talent Strategy Enhancement: Tailored mobility solutions contribute to improved talent strategy and retention. Compliance Assurance: Expertise in legal and regulatory requirements ensures compliance with local and international laws. Employee Satisfaction: Comprehensive support and preparation contribute to a positive relocation experience for employees.

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