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Global Work Glossary

What is a Global Employment Organization (GEO)?

Global Employment Organizations (GEOs) offer companies a convenient and efficient solution for hiring global talent without the need to establish a local branch in every country. By acting as the legal Employer of Record (EOR), GEOs handle various aspects of employment administration, compliance, payroll, and taxes, allowing companies to focus on their core business. Here's an in-depth look at GEOs and their benefits:

What Does a GEO Do?

Ensures compliance with local employment laws, labor regulations, and tax requirements. Handles tax administration, insurance, and payroll processing in the host country. Creates employment contracts that adhere to local laws and regulations. Provides employee benefits and manages onboarding processes. Facilitates money transfers between the home state and foreign countries. Assists with work permits and visa-related matters for international employees.

Benefits of Using GEO Services:

Scalability: GEOs enable companies to scale their workforce globally and adapt to industry shifts by leveraging their knowledge of local markets and talent pools. Compliance and Security: By outsourcing employment responsibilities to GEOs, companies avoid legal risks, penalties, and compliance issues related to labor laws, taxes, and payroll processing. Quick Market Entry: GEOs offer a faster and safer alternative to establishing legal entities in new countries, allowing companies to expedite international expansion. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to setting up local branches, using GEO services is more cost-effective, especially for companies hiring a small number of employees in foreign markets. Time Management and Productivity: GEOs handle administrative tasks, freeing up company resources and enabling management to focus on revenue-generating activities. Access to Global Talent: GEOs provide access to a diverse pool of talent worldwide, helping companies source top talent and set up remote work arrangements. Attractive Employee Benefits: GEOs offer competitive benefits packages that help companies attract and retain talent, enhancing their employer brand and market competitiveness.

GEO vs. EOR:

The terms "GEO" and "Employer of Record (EOR)" are interchangeable, referring to organizations that hire employees on behalf of companies and assume legal responsibility as the official employer. In a GEO arrangement, the employee is legally connected to the GEO as the employer of record, reducing the company's liability in case of legal disputes. GEOs provide comprehensive employment solutions, including compliance, payroll, and benefits management.

GEO vs. PEO:

While both GEOs and Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) offer HR and payroll services, GEOs take full employment responsibility, whereas PEOs share responsibilities with companies. GEOs are suitable for global expansions, providing full legal coverage and compliance support in multiple countries. PEOs primarily operate in the United States, and their scope may be limited in international markets.

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