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What is Form SS-4 and how is it used?

Form SS-4 is a crucial document used by organizations applying for their Employer Identification Number (EIN). Without this number, employers cannot legally pay employees or file taxes, making the completion of this form an essential step in establishing certain types of businesses.

Who Needs Form SS-4?

Various business entities are required by law to file an SS-4 form to obtain an EIN, including partnerships, corporations, non-profits, estates, and trusts. An EIN is necessary for tasks such as hiring employees, offering retirement benefits, or opening business accounts.

Requirements for Form SS-4

Completing Form SS-4 requires essential company information such as the organization's legal name, address, and the individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) of the responsible party. Additional details like business type, employee count, and establishment dates are also necessary.

Steps to Complete Form SS-4

Filling out Form SS-4 involves providing general information about the business and the responsible party, specifying the business type, and signing the form. The applicant must accurately identify the business type or indicate "other" if not listed, along with any necessary Group Exemption Number (GEN) information.

Form Submission Options

Form SS-4 can be submitted electronically, by mail, fax, or over the phone, depending on the applicant's location and preference. Online submission offers immediate EIN issuance, while other methods may take up to four weeks for processing.

Obtaining Proof of EIN

Upon approval, the IRS issues an SS-4 letter confirming the EIN assignment. This letter serves as proof of EIN issuance, though applicants can contact the IRS for additional copies if needed.

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