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Global Work Glossary

What are employee benefits and how do they work?

Employee benefits are additional perks beyond base salary, aimed at enhancing employee retention, loyalty, and satisfaction. They include health insurance, retirement plans, paid leave, bonuses, flexible working hours, gym memberships, and childcare support.

Examples of International Employee Benefits

Employee benefits vary by country. Examples include health insurance, pension plans, paid leave, and other statutory benefits. Understanding and providing compliant benefits is crucial when hiring globally.

Importance of Investing in Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an investment, leading to cost savings, attracting top talent, increasing job satisfaction, ensuring legal compliance, reducing costs, and improving productivity.

Creating an Employee Benefits Package

Creating an employee benefits package involves establishing a budget, forecasting hiring needs, calculating costs per employee, and determining which benefits to offer. Personalizing benefits packages based on employee preferences is essential.

Calculating Employee Benefits

Calculating employee benefits helps understand total employee costs and create forecasts and budgets. Costs depend on factors like salary, location, mandatory benefits, fringe benefits, and statutory requirements.

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