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Global Work Glossary

Who qualifies as an employee?

An employee is an individual engaged by a company to perform specific tasks in return for compensation outlined in an employment contract. This contractual agreement establishes the terms and conditions of the working relationship.

What Constitutes an Employee?

Employees engage in negotiations regarding salary, working conditions, and additional benefits like retirement plans and health insurance. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) defines an employee based on three main criteria: Financial Control: The company dictates financial and business aspects of the job. Behavioral Control: The company directs the worker's responsibilities. Business Relationship: A written contract delineates the relationship, benefits, and performance expectations. Employment status grants individuals entitlement to benefits such as overtime pay, Medicare, and legal protections, with income taxes calculated accordingly.

Responsibilities of Employees

Job descriptions outline an employee's duties, with employers expected to provide necessary tools for successful task completion. Offering incentives and performance feedback aids in retention and work-life balance improvement.

Workplace Expectations for Employees

Fulfilling assigned tasks competently and safely. Following employer instructions within legal bounds. Demonstrating loyalty and honesty. Failure to adhere to these standards may lead to disciplinary measures or legal action by employers.

Employee vs. Employer Dynamics

Employers assume financial risks in hiring employees, exercising greater control over their work. They manage hiring processes, oversee financial matters, and ensure compliance with employment laws.

Key Points of Distinction Between Employees and Contractors

Independent contractors operate on their terms, offering services to companies without being under direct employer control. They handle their finances and are not pivotal to business operations, paying their own taxes.

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