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Global Work Glossary

What is a direct report?

A direct report is an employee who directly reports to a senior manager, forming a crucial link in the hierarchical chain of command within an organization. This management approach fosters effective communication and facilitates streamlined operations across different tiers of the organization.

Responsibilities of Direct Reports

Direct reports shoulder various responsibilities, including conducting performance reviews, leading team meetings, managing projects, making decisions, and promoting employee engagement. These tasks contribute to the smooth functioning of teams and departments under their supervision.

Positions with Direct Reports

Numerous positions entail managing direct reports, including managers, team leaders, supervisors, CEOs, company presidents, shareholders, store owners, department heads, and directors. Each role requires effective delegation, regular check-ins, and one-on-one meetings to ensure goal alignment and performance optimization.

Direct Reports vs. Indirect Reports

In contrast to direct reports, organizations may also have indirect reports. While direct reports work directly under a supervisor, indirect reports function under a direct reportee, thereby influencing the hierarchy. This distinction highlights the interconnectedness of roles within organizational structures.

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