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Rivermate's Employer of Record (EOR) solution helps companies hire remote employees in Czech Republic . We take care of global payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance and HR activities. So you can focus on growing your business. Our Employer of Record (EOR) solution is beneficial to companies that want to hire remote employees in a breeze. On this page you will find employment information for Czech Republic.

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1. Grow your team in Czech Republic with Rivermate as your Employer of Record (EOR) / PEO

Payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance can be difficult to manage in Czech Republic , particularly if you don't have established local relationships. You can hire employees in Czech Republic effectively, conveniently, and in full compliance with all relevant labor laws using Rivermate's global Employer of Record (EOR) solution. We handle the responsibilities and legal risks associated with foreign employment so you can concentrate on growing your company.

2. Summary

Czechia, or the Czech Republic, is a landlocked nation in Central Europe. It is bounded to the south by Austria, to the west by Germany, to the northeast by Poland, and to the southeast by Slovakia. The Czech Republic has a hilly environment with a largely moderate continental and oceanic climate, covering an area of 78,871 square kilometers (30,452 square miles). Prague is the capital and biggest city; other significant cities and urban regions include Brno, Ostrava, Plze, and Liberec.

Under Great Moravia, the Duchy of Bohemia was established in the late ninth century. In 1002, it was legally acknowledged as an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire, and in 1198, it became a monarchy. The whole Crown of Bohemia was progressively absorbed into the Habsburg Empire after the Battle of Mohács in 1526. The Thirty Years' War was precipitated by the Protestant Bohemian Revolt. The Habsburgs cemented their authority after the Battle of White Mountain. When the Holy Empire was dissolved in 1806, the Crown lands became part of the Austrian Empire.

The Czech lands grew increasingly industrialized in the nineteenth century, and with the fall of Austria-Hungary during World War I, the majority of them became part of the First Czechoslovak Republic in 1918. Throughout the interwar era, Czechoslovakia was the only nation in Central and Eastern Europe to maintain a parliamentary democracy. Following the Munich Agreement in 1938, Nazi Germany gradually assumed control of the Czech territories. Czechoslovakia was regained in 1945 and, after a coup in 1948, became an Eastern Bloc communist state. Attempts at government and economic liberalization were thwarted by a Soviet-led invasion of the nation during the Prague Spring in 1968. The Velvet Revolution ended communist control in the nation in November 1989, and Czechoslovakia was dissolved on January 1, 1993, with its component republics becoming the separate states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic is a developed nation with a unitary parliamentary republic and a high-income social market economy. It is a welfare state that follows the European social model and provides universal health care and tuition-free higher education. It is ranked 12th in the UN Human Development Index in terms of inequality, and 24th in the World Bank Human Capital Index. It is ranked ninth in terms of safety and peace, and 31st in terms of democratic administration. The Czech Republic belongs to NATO, the European Union, the OECD, the OSCE, and the Council of Europe.

Hiring talented employees in a short span is not an easy task. Partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) like Rivermate in Czech Republic is your best option, giving your organization enough time to focus on other aspects of international expansions like project management and inventory management. The EOR takes care of all the compliance and legal issues while helping you speed up hiring using their knowledge of domestic employment practices and virtual onboarding tools. Top EORs also have provisions for the e-signing of documents to enable faster onboarding.

3. Public holidays

4. Types of leave

There is no information about the types of leave for this country.

Paid time off

Employees are entitled to four weeks of paid vacation (20 days). To obtain this allotment, the employee must work for the same company for at least 60 days without interruption.

Public holidays

Czech Republic recognizes 13 public holidays.

Sick days

During the first 14 days of sickness, the employee is entitled to 60% of their daily pay, as long as the employee meets the eligibility requirements.

Maternity leave

A mother is entitled to 28 weeks of maternity leave in the Czech Republic, or 37 weeks if she has several children. The leave must begin at least 8 weeks before the expected due date and end no less than 6 weeks before the expected due date. Maternity leave is paid at 70% of the daily wage, but the balance is determined by the amount of social security contributions made by the employee. In addition, you must take at least 14 weeks of maternity leave.

Paternity leave

In the first seven weeks, new fathers will take leave in place of the mother.

Parental leave

The mother is entitled to parental leave until her maternity leave ends, and the father is entitled to leave from the birth of the infant before the child hits the age of three. This leave is only available while the infant is cared for at home.

Parents are entitled to a cumulative payment of 220,000 CZK before their child is four years old, or 330,000 CZK if they have several children.

Other leave

5. Employment termination

There is no information about employment information for this country.

Termination process

Notice period

Probation period

Severance pay

6. Working hours

There is no information about the working hours for this country.

General working schedule


7. Minimum wage

There is no information about the minimum wage for this country.

8. Employee benefits

There is no information about the employee benefits for this country.

9. Taxes

There is no information about the taxes for this country.

Corporate tax

Individual income tax

VAT, GST and sales tax

10. VISA and work permits

There is no information about VISA and work permits for this country.

11. Employer Of Record service terms

There is no information about the Employer of Record (EoR) service terms for this country.

Employment contracts

With Rivermate being your Employer of Record (EoR) in Czech Republic, you do not have to worry about the employment contracts, as we take care of that.

Minimum assignment length

Payment currency

13.Opening a subsidiary in Czech Republic

There is no information about the working hours for this country.

How to set up a subsidiary

Subsidiary laws

13. Why choose Rivermate as your Employer of Record / PEO in Czech Republic

Establishing an entity in Czech Republic to hire a team takes time, money, and effort. The labor law in Czech Republic has strong worker employment protection, requiring great attention to details and a thorough awareness of local best practices. Rivermate makes expanding into Czech Republic simple and effortless. We can assist you with hiring your preferred talent, managing HR and payroll, and ensuring compliance with local legislation without the hassle of establishing a foreign branch office or subsidiary. Our PEO and Global Employer of Record (EOR) solutions in Czech Republic give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about how Rivermate can help you hire employees in Czech Republic via our Employer of Record (EOR) / PEO solution.

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