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Hiring a remote team in a country as Kuwait comes with a lot of overhead, such as compliance, local laws, taxes, etc. As a company, you don't want to worry about knowing all the local laws. Instead you want to focus on your remote team and the business. Rivermate's Employer of Record (EOR) solution helps companies hire remote employees in Kuwait. We take care of global payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance and HR activities. So you can focus on growing your business.

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1. Hire a remote team in Kuwait with Rivermate

Payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance can be difficult to manage in Kuwait, particularly if you don't have established local relationships. You can hire employees in Kuwait effectively, conveniently, and in full compliance with all relevant labor laws using Rivermate's global Employer of Record (EOR) solution. We handle the responsibilities and legal risks associated with foreign employment so you can concentrate on growing your company.

2. Introduction

Rivermate is a global employment solutions company that provides Employer of Record services in Kuwait.

As an employer of record, we help you hire employees and run payroll services in Kuwait, allowing you to avoid the necessity of first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Kuwait.

It is not necessary to establish an entity in order to hire an employee. We can hire your employee in any country with a few mouse clicks. Using our Employer of Record solution, you can have full compliance, benefits, and automated payments.

If you wish to hire a remote team in Kuwait or individually hire remote employees in Kuwait, Rivermate’s global employer of record services will make sure that the process will be as seamless as possible for you.

Send us a message so we can talk about how Rivermate’s Employer of Record Kuwait services can best help your company!

3. Hire a remote team in Kuwait

Kuwait is a Western Asian Arab country with a rich culture and history. Many work possibilities exist in Kuwait for professionals from all around the globe. In order to fuel its economic objectives, Kuwait mostly seeks overseas expertise rather than regional talent. In 2020, the unemployment rate in Kuwait is expected to be at 2.18%. However, nationals of Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Bhutan, and Guinea are prohibited from working in Kuwait owing to a lack of relevant embassies in the country.

4. Cost of living in Kuwait

Kuwait's cost of living is $1312, which is 1.41 times more than the global average. Kuwait placed 32nd out of 197 nations in terms of cost of living and 30th in terms of quality of life.

In Kuwait, the average after-tax wage is $1876, which is enough to meet living costs for 1.4 months.

5. Cost of renting in Kuwait

Although Kuwait is an extremely wealthy country, the cost of living here is far lower than in most other wealthy countries. It is one of the world's most popular nations. Over the last decade, the occupancy rate has risen as more and more migrants arrive in Kuwait in quest of work.

The cost of renting in Kuwait is determined by a variety of criteria, including the location of the housing facility, the area and size of the home, the number of residents, the availability of facilities, and so on.

The cost of living in a particular place is determined by the allocation of resources and the population of that location. Tier 1 cities have greater living costs than Tier 3 cities. Kuwait, in general, is fairly inexpensive, regardless of city tier.

Tier 1 cities include metropolitan areas such as Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, As Salimiyah, and others.

Tier 2 cities include upcoming hubs such as Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Ar Rumaithiya, and others.

Tier 3 cities include Ad Dasmah, Al Mahbulah, Ash Shamiyah, and others with significant development potential.

6. Major industries in Kuwait

Kuwait's petroleum and natural gas industries have a substantial presence throughout the nation. Kuwait's oil reserves account for 10% of the world's total oil reserves. It also has substantial natural gas reserves. This boosts the transportation, manufacturing, and sales sectors, as well as a few other contributing areas.

The steel manufacturing sector is Kuwait's second largest industry. The United Steel Industrial Company (KWT Steel), situated in Kuwait, manages all of the country's steel producing operations.

Agriculture has been practiced for a very long time in Kuwait. Despite the country's harsh weather circumstances, Kuwaitis have discovered methods to cultivate a variety of crops. Kuwait has a 49.5 percent food self-sufficiency rate.

The world's oldest sovereign wealth fund is headquartered in Kuwait. Its financial industry collaborates with several countries and has acquired a global footprint. There are several career possibilities accessible as this industry expands.

7. Hiring cost in Kuwait

The cost of hiring is an important expense for any company. It is essential to spend appropriate amounts for various aspects to ensure one gets the best candidate for the role. Some of those aspects are:

- Orientation costs

- Time invested

- Resources used

- Personnel required

8. Employment laws Kuwait

Kuwait has acceptable labor legislation. Each year, new legislation are implemented to improve the employment experience in Kuwait. Many variables are taken into account while developing labor legislation. Some of these elements are listed below:

- Working hours

- End-of-service indemnities

- Annual leave

- Remuneration & Deductions

- Health Benefits

The laws and regulations that govern the employment relationships in Kuwait are based upon

- Contract of Employment

- Kuwait Trade Union Federation

- New Labor Law 2010

- Legislation

9. Top skills Kuwait

Kuwait's economy is based on the oil sector. Many private firms hunt for raw talent from all around the globe to help them increase their global awareness. Aside from manufacturing, mining, warehousing, and sales, Kuwait is looking for expertise in design, information technology, computer science, and medicine.

Major skills and areas which have witnessed a recent growth rate

- Computer programming

- Data analysis

- Medicine

- Defense

- Academics

Every city in Kuwait is famous for a different component of the economy. As a result, opportunities for competent persons are accessible dependent on geography. Kuwaiti towns provide exciting job prospects to foreigners.

10. Economic landscape in Kuwait

Kuwait's economy is mostly centered on petroleum. Kuwait's currency, the Kuwaiti dinar, has the highest value of any currency in the world. Kuwait's nominal GDP is $118.271 billion (35.61 billion KWD), and the per capita income is $28,199. (8,490.35 KWD). Kuwait's PPP GDP is much greater than its nominal GDP. It has a total GDP of $303 billion (91.23 billion KWD) and a per capita income of $67,891. (20,441.08 KWD).

11. Market size in Kuwait

The oil business dominates the Kuwaiti market, followed by the steel manufacturing industry. Entrepreneurship is a thriving talent in Kuwait, as seen by the recent increase in small company start-ups. Mineral fuels, aircraft, spacecraft, organic chemicals, plastics, iron, steel, jewels, precious metals, aluminum, copper, equipment, salt, sulfur, stone, and cement are the primary exports from Kuwait.

12. Minimum wage in Kuwait

Kuwait’s minimum wage is 75 Kuwaiti dinars per month. Although the minimum wage equates to $250 a month, many employees make between $40,000 and $50,000 a year.

13.Why choose Rivermate to hire your remote team in Kuwait?

Establishing an entity in Kuwait to hire a team takes time, money, and effort. The labor law in Kuwait has strong worker employment protection, requiring great attention to details and a thorough awareness of local best practices. Rivermate makes expanding into Kuwait simple and effortless. We can assist you with hiring your preferred talent, managing HR and payroll, and ensuring compliance with local legislation without the hassle of establishing a foreign branch office or subsidiary. Our PEO and Global Employer of Record (EOR) solutions in Kuwait give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about how Rivermate can help you hire employees in Kuwait via our Employer of Record (EOR) / PEO solution.

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