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Hiring a remote team in a country as Finland comes with a lot of overhead, such as compliance, local laws, taxes, etc. As a company, you don't want to worry about knowing all the local laws. Instead you want to focus on your remote team and the business. Rivermate's Employer of Record (EOR)Ā solution helps companies hire remote employees in Finland. We take care of global payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance and HR activities. So you can focus on growing your business.

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1. Hire a remote team in Finland with Rivermate

Payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance can be difficult to manage in Finland, particularly if you don't have established local relationships. You can hire employees in Finland effectively, conveniently, and in full compliance with all relevant labor laws using Rivermate's global Employer of Record (EOR) solution. We handle the responsibilities and legal risks associated with foreign employment so you can concentrate on growing your company.

2. Introduction

Rivermate is a global employment solutions company that provides Employer of Record services in Finland.

As an employer of record, we help you hire employees and run payroll services in Finland, allowing you to avoid the necessity of first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Finland.

It is not necessary to establish an entity in order to hire an employee. We can hire your employee in any country with a few mouse clicks. Using our Employer of Record solution, you can have full compliance, benefits, and automated payments.

If you wish to hire a remote team in Finland or individually hire remote employees in Finland, Rivermateā€™s global employer of record services will make sure that the process will be as seamless as possible for you.

Send us a message so we can talk about how Rivermateā€™s Employer of Record Finland services can best help your company!

3. Hire a remote team in Finland

The nation, officially known as the Republic of Finland, is rich in culture, opportunity, and variety. Finland is a nation of chances for professionals and people with diverse skill sets, ranking sixth on the list of Most Reputable Countries. In the aftermath of the epidemic, there is an urgent need to recruit personnel in the service and healthcare industries.

Over the previous 20 years, business circumstances and possibilities have changed dramatically, particularly after the Covid-19 epidemic. Finland, on the other hand, is open to sharing its culture with everyone ready to adapt and learn.

4. Cost of living in Finland

Ethiopia's cost of living is $732, which is 1.27 times less costly than the global average. Ethiopia scored 114th out of 197 nations in terms of cost of living and 149th in terms of quality of life.

In Ethiopia, the average after-tax earnings is $189, which is enough to meet living costs for 0.3 months.

Why does living in Ethiopia cost 3.9 times the average salary? Because we have a reference point of a developed nation lifestyle, and sustaining such a quality of living in certain least developed countries is difficult and costly. As a result, the expenses of living in Ethiopia for natives and foreigners varies dramatically.

5. Cost of renting in Finland

Information on the cost of rent in Finland is currently unavailable.

6. Major industries in Finland

Gaming, ICT, Health, and Bioeconomy are key businesses that have evolved in Finland. As technology and lifestyle develop, so does the need for exceptional people to lead growth. With increasing demand from the health care industry and inadequate supply, there is a gap that must be bridged over the next several years.

7. Hiring cost in Finland

The cost of living is generally heavily influenced by elements such as location, housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and so on. Tuition fees are not charged at Finnish universities for students from EEA/EU countries or Switzerland, making it simpler for students to afford their studies and other expenditures.

The average budget for a big city is about:

1. For Helsinki, the monthly rent ranges from 980 to 1580 EUR (1,175 to 1,895 USD).

2. Tampere rent ranges from 870 to 1300 EUR per month (1,043 to 1,559 USD per month).

3. Espoo rents from 800 to 1700 EUR per month (959 to 2,039 USD per month).

8. Employment laws Finland

Employee protection is Finland's main concern, hence employment laws have been tailored to protect and serve them. The Intra-Corporate Transfers Act was passed in 2018 in order to offer an effective method for transferring workers from third nations inside Finland and other EU countries. To dwell and work in any other EU member states, a single intra-corporate transferee permit is sufficient.

Since 2018, the new Seasonal Work Act has made it simpler to hire seasonal labor, particularly third-country nationals. Previously, no protections were given by Finnish statute.

The main sources of employment law include,

- The Employment Contracts Act

- Working Hours Act

- Act on Co-operation within Undertakings

- Act on Equality between Women and Men

- Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life

- Collective Bargaining Agreements

9. Top skills Finland

The most in-demand job skills in Finland are the following:


Finland has a history of setting trends with unique titles such as "Angry Birds," "Clash of Clans," and many more. For many years, their initiatives have dominated worldwide gaming rankings.

Finland has cultivated innovation and originality in order to generate new titles each year, and top competitors turn to them for inspiration. There is a diversified gaming community that is worldwide linked, which is promoting the gaming sector's development.

Over 20 colleges provide gaming educational programs to students from all over the world.

AMD, Nvidia, Zynga, Unity, and EA are among the tech titans there to entice investors and prospective business prospects.

The bulk of Finnish gaming studios concentrate on mobile games, creating employment possibilities at well-known studios and allowing new start-ups to compete in this market.

Top Skills Required If You Are A Game Developer

- Analytical Skills

- Communication

- Creativity

- Problem Solving

- Programming Languages (Objective-C/Java/SDK/CSS/HTML5/Python)

- Networking

- Write and Maintain Applications


Finland is well-known for pioneering SMS, 5G, and Linux operating systems, which revolutionized how we interact with technology. Their equipment can even be discovered in orbit, beaming back vital data from Mars. Finland has set an example with its diversified education system, allowing future generations to learn from their previous successes and strive for greatness.

With encryption technologies in place for almost 20 years, cybersecurity has been at the heart of growth for many Finnish IT businesses.

With encryption technologies in place for almost 20 years, cybersecurity has been at the heart of growth for many Finnish IT businesses.

Top Skills Required For Cyber Security

- Programming Languages (Objective-C/Java/SDK/CSS/HTML5/Python)

- Data Engineering

- Exploratory Data Analysis

- Algorithm Developers

- Critical Thinking


Although Finland is highly renowned for its technological advances, they continue to inspire in other fields. They have applied their technological skills to the health industry by digitizing all patient records. This has facilitated foreign researchers' access to and development of better models for the total well-being of its citizens.

Finland is well-known for being a world leader in cancer research and treatment, continually coming up with novel solutions to challenging medical challenges.

The healthcare business is one of the fastest-growing industries in Finland, creating potential for new entrepreneurs and employment prospects.

Top Skills Required For Healthcare Management

- Analytical Skills

- Communication Skills

- Interpersonal Skills

- Leadership Skills

- Technical Skills

- Critical Thinking

10. Economic landscape in Finland

With a population of nearly five million people, Finland's GDP in 2019 was USD 268.76 billion, accounting for 0.22 percent of the global economy.

Over the last several years, there has been an inflow of immigrants, with around 75% of all immigrants being of working age. In 2018, net immigration was anticipated to be approximately 12000. Estonians, Russians, Iraqis, and Chinese have historically dominated Finland's total foreign population.

For many years, the Finnish economy was based on forestry, but with fast expansion and lifestyle changes, Finland's economy has diversified dramatically. Electronics, chemical production, engineering, and manufacturing have all had a significant effect on Finland's total economy.

Because to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has been compelled to adopt a "work-from-home" style, making a reliable internet connection an imperative need. Top recruiters in Finland have adapted to this form of work and equipped their workers with the tools they need to do so. Finland is one of the most connected nations in the world, with more than 90% of homes having internet connection. Because high-speed connections are accessible even in isolated rural locations, WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform in Finland.

11. Market size in Finland

The information on market size in Finland is currently unavailable.

12. Minimum wage in Finland

Compensation laws in Finland do not mandate a minimum wage, but collective agreements may specify minimum salary requirements for specific industries.

Employee bonuses are not required by law, but they are common. A collective bargaining agreement, for example, may include a provision for a holiday bonus of approximately 50% of the pay for that annual holiday. Employers have the option of paying this bonus to employees before or after the holiday.

13.Why choose Rivermate to hire your remote team in Finland?

Establishing an entity in Finland to hire a team takes time, money, and effort. The labor law in Finland has strong worker employment protection, requiring great attention to details and a thorough awareness of local best practices. Rivermate makes expanding into Finland simple and effortless. We can assist you with hiring your preferred talent, managing HR and payroll, and ensuring compliance with local legislation without the hassle of establishing a foreign branch office or subsidiary. Our PEO and Global Employer of Record (EOR) solutions in Finland give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about how Rivermate can help you hire employees in Finland via our Employer of Record (EOR) / PEO solution.

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