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Global Work Glossary

How do you approach employee management effectively?

Employee management, also known as employment management, focuses on improving employee engagement and productivity to help a company achieve its overall goals. An effective employee management system typically covers three core areas:

Acquisition involves starting the process of hiring and onboarding new employees with clearly defined job descriptions that match company culture and goals.

Employee engagement and retention require communicating clear expectations, listening to feedback, and managing day-to-day workflow to improve retention and reduce turnover.

Performance management involves monitoring and evaluating employee performance using reviews and feedback, developing skills, rewarding quality work, and addressing poor performance.

Best practices in employee management include motivating employees, avoiding micromanagement, fostering open communication, nurturing a diverse and inclusive work environment, practicing effective HR management, automating processes, providing incentives, and adapting to remote work.

In remote work setups, communication is crucial, and technology tools can assist with managing remote employees through regular check-ins, virtual meetings, project management tools, and virtual training programs.

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