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Statutory benefits

Rivermate takes care of the statutory benefits that are required by law for all your employees hired via Rivermate.

Custom benefits

On request, we can offer your employees custom benefits and perks, depending on the country they are in.
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Health insurance

Offer your team a global health insurance package, no matter where they are located.

Competitive rates

Because of our collective buying power, our rates are typically cheaper than individual plan rates.

We take care of statutory benefits

Statutory benefits are the legally required benefits you have to offer your employees. These benefits differ from country to country. Figuring out the specific statutory benefits is a complicated task. Rivermate handles this process for you, ensuring you comply with local legislation whenever your employ through Rivermate.
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Global health insurance
Social security
Remote employees
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Health insurance
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Offer your team great benefits

Depending on the country in which your employees are located, we can provide your employees with customised benefits and perks. Rivermate can provide any additional benefits beyond the statutory benefits and advice on benefit and perks packages, such as:
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    Pension schemes
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    Private health insurance
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    Bonuses and commissions
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    Monthly stipends and allowances

Global health insurance

Cover your team members with health insurance, no matter where they are located. Add and remove team members at any time, whether they are on a full-time salary, a part time contract or somewhere in between.
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Health insurance plans
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Global health insurance for remote employees
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Standard Plan
€90 will be added to monthly payroll

Simple low and competitive pricing

Because we are able to pool global members under one plan, we can get discounts on our health insurance packages. Our global health insurance plans are typically 50% cheaper than individual rates. Our pricing starts at
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    €90 EUR per month for Standard Plans
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    €125 EUR per month for Premium Plans
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