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Paid time off

After a year of employment, employees are entitled to 24 days of paid leave. Employees are entitled to two days of vacation every month commencing on the first day of their second year of employment.

Public holidays

Zambia recognizes 20 national public holidays.

Sick days

In the case of a temporary disability due to illness or an accident, the Employment Act allows for fully compensated sick leave. A certified medical certificate is required in order to take advantage of fully compensated leave. The employer may continue to pay for a longer amount of time, but the law does not demand it.

The period of paid sick leave varies depending on the type of job. An employee on a short-term contract gets paid full pay for the first 26 days of sick leave, then half pay (50 percent) for the next 26 days of sick leave. Long-term contracts are any contracts that last longer than 12 months.

A worker may be awarded paid sick leave at full pay for the first three months under the General Wage Order and half pay for the next three months under the Shop Workers' Wages Order. Probationary employees are likewise entitled to paid sick leave for a period of 26 working days under the Shop Workers' Wages Order.

Maternity leave

The Employment Code Act of 2019 mandates a 14-week maternity leave. Post-natal leave is required for at least 6 weeks. Maternity leave can be extended to 18 weeks in the event of multiple deliveries. A female employee must provide her employer a written notice, together with a medical certificate, of her decision to go on maternity leave on a certain date and return to work when the maternity leave is over.

A woman who gives birth to a preterm child is eligible to an extended maternity leave (beyond 14 weeks) if a medical practitioner recommends it. A female worker may take sick, annual, compassionate, or other leave that she is entitled to immediately after her maternity leave ends and before returning to work, with the employer's agreement.

If a woman has worked for the same company for one year and has a miscarriage or has a stillborn child, she is entitled to six weeks of maternity leave after the miscarriage or stillbirth. A medical officer must properly certify the loss or stillbirth.

Paternity leave

A male employee who has worked for the company for at least one year is entitled to at least 5 consecutive working days of paternity leave. The employee must be the father of the kid; and must have given the employer a copy of the child's birth certificate. The leave must be taken within seven days of the kid's birth.

Parental leave

Parental leave, whether paid or unpaid, is not covered by the law.

Other leave

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