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Paid time off

Employees are entitled to a minimum of 15 days of paid vacation per year after six months of employment. Employees under the age of 18, those with certain types of impairments, those who work in exceptionally tough or dangerous occupations, and others are all eligible to supplementary leave.

Public holidays

Uzbekistan recognizes 20 national public holidays.

Sick days

Employees in Uzbekistan do not have a defined amount of sick days. Those who need to care for a sick family member, as well as employees who are unwell themselves, are usually eligible for paid sick leave.

Maternity leave

Maternity leave is granted to female employees for a total of 126 days. Mothers-to-be are entitled to 70 days of maternity leave before the due date and 56 days after the due date (70 days if the birth has complications or if it is a multiple birth). The mother may be eligible for a social security benefit while on maternity leave.

Paternity leave

There is no statutory paternity leave.

Parental leave

Apart from maternity leave, there are no provisions in the law in Uzbekistan regarding parental leave.

Other leave

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