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Paid time off

Each month, employees are given one vacation day. They will have accrued 12 vacation days after one year of employment.

Public holidays

Tunisia recognizes 14 public holidays.

Sick days

To be eligible for sickness benefits, an employee must have worked for at least 50 days in the previous two quarters or 80 days in the previous four quarters before becoming ill. After a five-day waiting period, the covered employee receives 66.7 percent of their daily average wages for 180 days. They earn 50% for up to 180 days each year for the next year.

Maternity leave

Employees who are female are entitled to a total of thirty days of vacation. The employee must have contributed to social insurance for at least 80 days in the four quarters preceding up to the birth in order to receive 66.7 percent of their daily wages.

Paternity leave

Within the first seven days after the birth of the child, fathers are entitled to one day of paid leave.

Parental leave

The insured receives a lump sum payment equal to his or her daily average quarterly earnings.

Other leave

There is no qualifying term for work-related injury leave, but the accident must be reported to the employer within 48 hours and analyzed. The injured employer will be compensated at 66.7 percent of their average daily earnings during the highest-paid period prior to the onset of the impairment. After a three-day waiting period, payments will be made and will continue until the employee has recovered.

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