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Paid time off

Employees who worked for less than 60 days are entitled to one-twelfth of their yearly entitlement every twenty-one days.

Employees who worked more than 60 days in a year are entitled to a prorated four weeks of vacation.

Public holidays

Slovakia recognizes fifteen public holidays.

Sick days

The employer pays for the first ten days.

The first three days are paid at a rate of 25% of the daily income.

Days 4 through 10 are paid at a rate of 55% of the daily wage.

Maternity leave

Maternity leave is entitled to 34 weeks for mothers.

Twin mothers are eligible to a total of 43 weeks of maternity leave.

Mothers who are single have the right to 37 weeks of maternity leave.

The Social Security Administration pays the leave at a rate of 75 percent of the daily wage up to a maximum of 66,6083.

Paternity leave

Only if the mother is not getting maternity benefits is a father eligible to 28 weeks of paternity leave, which begins six weeks after the mother gives birth. Paternity leave is granted to single dads for a period of 31 weeks. The Social Security Administration pays for the leave.

Parental leave

Parental leave can be taken by a parent or guardian until the kid reaches the age of three, or until the kid reaches the age of six if the kid is suffering from a long-term illness.

The parental allowance is 270 EUR per month or 370 EUR per month if the parent has already received maternity benefits in an EU/EEA country. The Central Office of Labor, Social Affairs, and Family Policy pays it.

Other leave

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