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Paid time off

The minimum amount of vacation time required by law is 20 days per year, prorated according to the number of days worked. Vacation days must be used throughout the working year. If the employee is unable to take all or part of the annual leave in that calendar year for reasonable reasons, the Employer is required to provide the annual leave not taken within 18 months of the year in which the right to vacation time originated.

Public holidays

Romania recognizes fifteen public holidays.

Sick days

Sick leave is only paid if the employee has been a member of the Health House for at least six months and obtains a medical certificate from a physician.

Within 24 hours after receiving the medical certificate, the employee must notify his employer of his condition. If the employee's illness happened on a non-working day, he or she must notify the employer on the first working day.

The Employer pays for the first five calendar days. The National Health Fund begins to cover the medical allowance on the sixth day. In practice, the Employer pays the amount provided by the National Health Fund as well, and then asks the Health House for reimbursement.

In the event of a sick leave allowance, the payout percentage varies between 75% and 100% of the calculation basis (average of the employee's monthly gross salary for the previous 6 months prior to the month the medical leave is given).

Maternity leave

Maternity leave lasts 126 days (typically 63 days before and 63 days after the child's birth). It accounts for 85 percent of the calculation basis (the average of the employee's monthly gross income for the six months before the commencement of maternity leave). The maternity leave is awarded based on the physician's medical certificate.

The National Health Fund provides the maternity allowance (in practice the Employer pays the maternity leave and afterward he requests the reimbursement of the amount from the Health House).

Paternity leave

Fathers are entitled to 5 days of paid paternity leave, which they can spend until their kid becomes 8 weeks old. The father's leave can be extended for an extra 10 days if he decides to engage in childcare classes. This extension is only valid for the first kid and can only be used once.

Parental leave

Parental leave is granted until the kid reaches the age of two. A handicapped youngster is entitled to depart until he or she reaches the age of three. The payment is paid directly by the state institution and is equivalent to 85 percent of the employee's average earnings over the previous 12 months. The job contract is suspended at this time.

Other leave

Bereavement Absence: An employee who has experienced a death in their immediate family is entitled to two days of unpaid leave.

Marriage leave is five days for an employee and two days for a child's marriage.

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