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Paid time off

If an employee has been with the company for fewer than ten years, the employer is entitled to 20 days off.

If the employee has worked with the company for ten years or longer, they are entitled to 26 days of vacation.

Public holidays

Poland recognizes thirteen public holidays.

Sick days

For employees under the age of 50, the employer pays for up to 33 days in a calendar year.

Sick leave is paid by the Social Security Administration starting on the 34th day (ZUS)

Employer pays up to 14 days in a calendar year for employees who are 50 years old or older.

Sick leave is paid by the Social Security Office starting on the 15th day (ZUS).

If the sickness occurs during pregnancy or was caused by an accident on the route to or from work, sick leave is paid at 80% of the allowance basis, or 100% of the allowance basis.

ZUS pays for sick leave resulting from a workplace accident or the employee's ill kid or another ill relative.

Maternity leave

Mothers are entitled to 20 weeks of maternity leave, with the option of taking up to 6 weeks off before giving birth. Regardless matter how long a mother has worked for the current company, she is entitled to maternity leave.

Parents are also entitled to 32 weeks of parental leave, which can be taken by either parent. The leaves are paid at a 100% rate for the first 26 weeks and 60% for the remaining weeks paid by the Social Security Institution (ZUS). Employees who take both maternity and parental leave will be paid an 80 percent stipend for the duration of their absence.

Paternity leave

Fathers are entitled to two weeks of paid leave, which can be taken in whole or in two halves (7 days each). Paternity leave is available until the kid becomes two years old. The Social Security Administration pays the entire amount (ZUS).

Parental leave

Until the kid reaches the age of six, parents are entitled to 36 months of unpaid leave.

Other leave

Child leave – 2 days or 16 hours to take care of a child that is 14 years old or less.

2 days leave for: wedding, employee’s child’s birth, and death of a spouse a child or a parent

1 day leave for: employee’s child’s wedding, or death of a sister, brother, or in-law.

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