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Paid time off

For every 20 days worked, employees are given one day of paid yearly leave.

Public holidays

Democracy Day

Maha Shivaratri

Holi Holiday

Nepali New Year

International Workers Day

Rakshya Bandhan

Teej Holiday

Dashain holidays

Tihar Festival

Optional holidays:

Nari Dibas

Ramjan Edul Fikra

Edyul Aajaha


Christmas Day

Sick days

After a year of employment, employees are entitled to 12 days of fully paid sick leave and 13 days of bereavement leave. Employees are permitted to accrue up to 45 days of sick leave. At the end of each year, employers must compensate employees for any unused sick leave that exceeds 45 days. When an employee leaves the company, the employer must pay any accrued or accumulated sick leave that is not used.

Maternity leave

Employees who give birth to a child are entitled to 60 days of paid maternity leave. Female employees can also take an additional 38 days of unpaid maternity leave.

Paternity leave

Male employees are entitled to 15 days of paid paternity leave.

Parental leave

Apart from maternity and paternity leave, there are no other provisions in the law of Nepal regarding parental leave.

Other leave

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