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Paid time off

After a year of continuous employment, employees are entitled to 30 days of paid leave. Employers are required to pay employees any earnings earned during their absence no later than the final working day prior to the leave.

Prior to dismissal, the employer must pay out any accumulated but unused vacation time.

Public holidays


Kuda Eid


Independence Day

National Day

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

Victory Day

Republic day

The Maldives also celebrates other variable festivals and public holidays as prescribed by the Government every year.

Sick days

Each year, employees are given 30 days of paid sick leave. An employee must present a medical certificate if he or she is away from work for more than two days due to illness. Employees are also entitled to ten days of paid leave to care for a sick relative.

Maternity leave

Female employees are entitled to 60 days of paid maternity leave, which must begin at least 30 days prior to the expected due date. If there are issues during pregnancy or childbirth, female employees might get up to an extra 28 days off. The company has exclusive choice over whether or not to pay the employee's wage throughout this prolonged vacation time. Female employees are provided two 30-minute paid breaks per day after returning to work after maternity leave to care for the kid until the kid is one year old.

Paternity leave

After the birth of a child, male employees are entitled to three days of paid leave. In addition, all employees are provided five days of paid leave for the circumcision of their child. Employees can take up to a year off following the birth of a child, but this time off is unpaid. The leave might begin after the mother's maternity leave has ended. Finally, employees are entitled to ten days of paid leave to attend to family obligations.

Parental leave

Other than the already mentioned terms for maternity and paternity leaves in Maldives, there are no other provisions regarding parental leave in the law.

Other leave

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