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Paid time off

In the first year, employees are entitled to 11 days per year. In the second and third years, employees are entitled to 15 days per year. In the third year and onward, one day’s paid leave is added for every two years of employment, up to a total of 25 days.

Public holidays

South Korea recognizes twelve public holidays.

Sick days

There is no paid time off for illness or injury that is not connected to employment. If the illness or injury is work-related, however, the employer is required to give paid leave until the employee recovers.

Maternity leave

Maternity benefits are available to all female workers and include 90 days of paid leave, which may be extended to 120 days for multiple/complicated deliveries. Maternity leave is typically taken 45 days before and 45 days after the due date.

The maternity payment is made up of a mix of government and social security benefits, as well as employer contributions. For bigger organizations in South Korea, maternity pay should be paid at 100.00 percent of the usual wage rate for the first 60 days. Following that, the social security/government will pay support allowance for the remaining 30 days (limited at 2 million KRW every 30 days), with the employer having the option to contribute the amount of money for any discrepancy between the employee's normal wage rate and the support allowance. In the case of small businesses, the social security/government system assists the employer for the whole 90-day period.

Paternity leave

A male employee can take up to ten days of paid paternity leave (5 days by the employer and 5 days by the government) and seek paternity leave for up to 90 days from the day the kid is born.

Parental leave

Parents with children under the age of eight may seek up to one year of full-time or part-time childcare leave. A request for leave shall be submitted to the employer at least 30 days before the commencement of the leave term, with a stipend provided by social security/government.

Other leave

Employees on work-related injury leave earn 70% of their salary for up to three months.

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