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Paid time off

Employees in Indonesia are entitled to 12 days of paid leave after working with the same company for a period of 12 months. Employees earn full salary depending on their normal daily payment while on annual leave. Employers are required to take at least 6 days off. Employees' paid leave ends six months from the day they were expected to take it if they do not have it. Employees and employers can consent to a cash reward for lost vacation time.

Public holidays

Indonesia recognizes 16 public holidays.

Sick days

Employees who are sick or wounded are entitled to compensated sick leave if they can provide medical proof of their illness. Long-term sick leave, which lasts more than a year, is also an option for employees. A doctor should issue a written recommendation for such leave.

Employees on long-term maternity leave are paid as follows:

In the first four months, 100 percent was achieved.

In the second four months, 75% of the population grew.

The third four months accounted for 50% of the total.

25% of your pay before you're fired

Maternity leave

Employees who are pregnant are entitled to three months of paid maternity leave. The first 1.5 months of this leave was taken during pregnancy, and the remaining 1.5 months are taken following childbirth. Employees earn an entire pay after their maternity leave. If a doctor recommends it, female workers who miscarry are entitled to a 1.5-month leave of absence.

Employers can also provide breastfeeding mothers with conducive working environments.

Paternity leave

New fathers are entitled to two days off after the birth or miscarriage of their infant.

Parental leave

In the following situations, employees are entitled to paid child leave:

2 days paid leave for the employee's child's circumcision

2 days paid leave for the employee's child's baptism.

2 days paid leave for the employee's child's wedding.

For the loss of an employee's child, the employee is entitled to two days of paid leave.

Other leave

Bereavement Leave: 2 days paid leave is given for the death of a worker’s spouse, child, child-in-law, parent, or parent-in-law.

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