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Paid time off

Any employee is entitled to at least 20 paid holiday days a year. Starting at 25, the number of annual holiday days increases by one day per three years in their twenties, then every two years in their thirties and forties.

Public holidays

In Hungary, there are 11 public holidays, but it is customary to give extra days, such as the second St Stephen's Day, in order to have a longer weekend.

Sick days

Employees are entitled to 15 days of maternity time each year, which is paid at 70% of their wages by the employer.

Payments begin at the 16th day and range from 50% to 60% based on the length of service. The company pays 1/3 of the bill, while the National Health Insurance Fund pays the other two-thirds.

Maternity leave

Women are entitled to 24 weeks of maternity leave, but they will take up to three years off while still receiving maternity benefits. Mothers are entitled to a 70 percent Pregnancy and Confinement Benefit (CSED) for the first six months of their pregnancy.

Mothers are entitled to a Child Care Fee (Gyermekgondoz√°si dj ‚Äď GYED) for the next eighteen months, or before their child turns two, at a cost of 70% of their earnings, up to a limit of twice the minimum wage.

For parents or grandparents caring for a child under the age of three, a payment called Child Home Care Allowance (Gyermekgondoz√°si seg√©ly ‚Äď GYES) is eligible.

The services are provided by Hungary's National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK).

Paternity leave

Fathers are entitled to five days of paid leave after the birth of their child, which they may take in one or more installments before the end of the second month after the birth. The Hungarian State Treasury reimburses the contractor for any wages and taxes earned during this duration of supplemental leave.

Parental leave

After the maternity leave is over, one adult will take parental leave before the infant is two years old. This leave is paid at a 70 percent premium, at a maximum of twice the minimum day wage.

Furthermore, one parent is entitled to extra paid vacation time:

For one boy, an extra two days are available.

For two girls, an extra four days are available.

If you have more than two children, you will be given an extra seven days.

This extra time off is allowed before the kid hits the age of sixteen.

Other leave

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