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Paid time off

For each month of service, employees who are paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly earn one day of paid leave. Employees who are paid on a daily basis are entitled to one day of paid vacation for every 20 days worked. Employees who are paid on an hourly basis are entitled to one paid day off for every 160 hours worked.

Public holidays

Every Sunday

New Year’s Day

Republic Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Labor Day

Arrival Day

Independence Day

Caricom Day


Emancipation Day

Youman Nabi


Christmas Day

Boxing Day

Sick days

Employees are not entitled to paid sick leave, although they are eligible for social security payments in Guyana. After the third day of sickness, eligible employees earn 70% of their typical weekly income for up to 26 weeks. Employees must have been employed immediately previous to getting ill, have made at least 50 contributions, and have made at least eight contributions in the 13 weeks before to falling ill to be eligible.

Maternity leave

Employees in Guyana are entitled to 13 weeks of maternity leave, which is paid weekly or biweekly under the country's social security system. In extreme circumstances, an additional thirteen weeks may be granted, up to a total of 26 weeks. If a female employee or her spouse makes at least 15 and seven contributions in the 26 weeks leading up to her maternity leave, she is eligible for maternity benefits.

Starting nine contributing weeks before the projected departure date, female employees have a four-week opportunity to file a claim for maternity benefits. For persons who live in rural places, the period might be prolonged. A individual who fails to file a claim for benefits within the specified time period is ineligible to receive benefits.

Paternity leave

There is no statutory paternity leave in Guyana.

Parental leave

Other than the already mentioned terms regarding maternity leave in Guyana, there are no other provisions in the law regarding parental leave.

Other leave

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