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Paid time off

At least 20 working days are needed (with respect to a 5-day working week). The majority of employees have 25-30 days a year. In most cases, the person is required to use his or her sick days during the fiscal year. Vacation days may be rolled forward to March 31st of the next calendar year unless the contractor specifies otherwise. If an employee has any accrued sick days at the time of retirement, the company will pay the employee for those days.

Public holidays

The holidays in Germany vary by province. There are, however, nine national holidays observed by all nations.

Sick days

The first six weeks of sick leave are provided by the company and are paid at 100% of the normal wage. Any extra payments will be covered by the health insurer after 6 weeks (the amount will not be the full salary and will be determined according to personal criteria). When an employee takes sick leave, they must contact their boss and send a doctor's statement if the leave is more than three days.

Maternity leave

Mothers are entitled to 6 weeks of paid leave due to the birth of their child and 8 weeks of paid leave following the birth of their child. With the birth of a premature or multiple child, the employee is entitled to 12 weeks of paid leave.

The employer will have to pay the employee's wages after the maternity leave, and the health care provider will repay the employer in full.

Paternity leave

Parental leave encloses paternity leave.

Parental leave

Parental leave is 36 months long and should be shared equally with the parents. This leave includes the eight weeks of maternity leave (following delivery). When it comes to mothers, maternal leave begins after maternity leave ends. Parents will work part-time for up to 30 hours a week while on parental leave.

In the first three years of birth, at least 12 months of parental leave must be taken; the remaining 24 months will be taken before the infant hits the age of eight. Parental leave does not begin automatically; it must be demanded in writing or forwarded to the employer at least seven weeks ahead of time.

Other leave

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