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Paid time off

Employees are entitled to 20 days of paid vacation.

Public holidays

Croatia recognizes 14 public holidays.

Sick days

The company pays for the first 42 days of sick leave. The amount charged is determined by the collective bargaining agreement, but it cannot be less than 70% of the employee's gross wage for the preceding six months.

Employer pays after 42 days, but is reimbursed by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO).

Maternity leave

Paid maternity leave is required and begins 28 days before the child's due date (or 45 days if necessary) and ends 70 days after the child's birth. The mother may take paid maternity leave before the baby is six months old after that, but it is not needed.

Paid maternity leave lasts for a total of 208 days.

Paternity leave

If the mother is unable to care for the infant, the parent will take over the mother's mandatory leave under exceptional circumstances. The mother will pass the remainder of the leave to the father after the 70th day after birth.

Parental leave

Each parent is entitled to paid maternity leave for each child, which can be used before the child reaches the age of eight. It lasts either 8 months (for the first and second-born child) or 30 months (for the third and fourth-born child) (for twins, third and each subsequent child). When both parents take paternity leave, it lasts for 4 to 15 months, but it lasts for 6 to 30 months if only one parent takes it.

Other leave

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