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Paid time off

Employees with up to four years of experience are entitled to two weeks of paid voluntary leave. For up to ten years of service, this rises to three weeks. This rises to four weeks after ten years.

Public holidays

New Year’s Day

National Heroes’ Day

Ash Wednesday

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Discovery Day

Queen’s Birthday

Constitution Day

Remembrance Day

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

Sick days

Employees are entitled to ten days of entirely paid maternity leave, and after three days of absence, they must have a medical certificate.

Maternity leave

After a year of service, female workers are entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave, which is prorated if they have served less than a year. The first 20 days was entirely charged, followed by a half-pay reminder. They will decide how much time off they can take before and after the deadline. Maternity leave is paid for by the company.

For an infant under the age of three, they are often entitled to nine weeks of adoption leave.

Paternity leave

There is no statutory paternity leave in the Cayman Islands laws.

Parental leave

Other than the already mentioned terms regarding maternity and paternity leaves, there are no other provisions regarding parental leave in the Cayman Islands.

Other leave

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