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Paid time off

Within 12 months of employment, an employee is entitled to 30 days of paid annual leave. The leave must be taken within the next twelve months.

Leave will be taken three times, with one of the intervals being at least 14 days long and the other two being at least 5 days long.

Two days before a holiday or weekend, annual leave cannot be obtained. Employees will trade in 1/3 of their yearly leave in exchange for a holiday bonus.

Public holidays

There are 13 national holidays in Brazil although some regions in the country may also impose local holidays.

Sick days

The employer bills the employee's entire wage for the first 15 days of sickness. Social protection begins to pay for the leave on the 16th day (up to 6,101 BRL)

Maternity leave

Female employers are entitled to 120 days of paid maternity leave, which can be extended for up to four weeks if medically necessary (two weeks prior and two weeks after birth). The employer must pay 100 percent of the daily salary during maternity leave; however, the employer may demand payment back via social security deductions.

Maternity leave will be stretched to a period of 180 days if the contractor is registered in the government programme (Empresea Cidada).

Paternity leave

Paternity leave is compensated for five days for fathers. The pay is equal to 100 percent of daily earnings, and the employer is responsible for paying it. Paternity leave will be extended to 20 days if the employer is registered in the government programme (Empresa Cidada).

Parental leave

Brazil has no provisions in the law regarding parental leave besides the mentioned maternity and paternity leaves.

Other leave

Leave for Marriage - 3 days

Bereavement Leave (Death of a parent, fetus, or partner) -  2 days

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