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Paid time off

Employees in Belarus are entitled to more than 24 paid vacation days.

Public holidays

There are nine non-working public holidays in Belarus.

Sick days

For the first 12 days of incapacity, employees receive 80% of their average daily earnings.

Maternity leave

In Belarus, the current maternity leave is:

126 days of paid maternity leave (140 days if medical conditions arise or if two or more children are born), plus three years of unpaid maternity leave during which the job vacancy must remain available (the mother can resume work earlier if she wants to),

If a second child is born during these three years, the maternity leave period will begin all over again.

Paternity leave

Fathers in Belarus can receive at most fourteen days of unpaid leave in the first six months after the birth of their child.

Parental leave

This is indicated in both the maternity and paternity leaves.

Other leave

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