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Paid time off

An employee with at least one year of service is entitled to 30 paid days of regular leave, divided into 2.5 days per month.

Public holidays

There are eight public days and a total of fourteen days of leave in Bahrain.

Sick days

Sick leave is granted to employees for a total of 55 days. The first 15 days are paid in full, the 16th to 35th days are paid in half, and the 36th to 55th days are unpaid.

Maternity leave

Employees who are expecting a child are entitled to 75 days of maternity leave. The first 60 days was billed in full, with the final 15 days remaining unpaid.

Paternity leave

When an infant is born, fathers are entitled to one day of paid leave.

Parental leave

In Bahrain, only mothers are entitled for maternity leave.

Other leave

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