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Bouvet Island

Working Hours and Overtime Regulations

Understand the laws governing work hours and overtime in Bouvet Island

Standard working hours

Bouvet Island is a remote, sub-Antarctic volcanic island claimed by Norway. It is an uninhabited territory with no permanent population or economic activity, hence there's no need for legislation concerning standard work hours.

Any potential future regulations on working hours would likely fall under Norwegian labour laws as the claiming nation.

In the event of future scientific research stations or temporary personnel being stationed on Bouvet Island, they would likely follow Norwegian labour laws. Specific regulations for harsh environments or remote locations might exist within Norwegian labour laws and could be applied to Bouvet Island in the future.


Bouvet Island, being a remote and uninhabited location, currently has no established rules or compensation specifically for overtime work. This is due to the lack of commercial activity or a permanent workforce on the island, and therefore, no legislative framework governing overtime work.

In the event of future developments, such as the establishment of research stations or the presence of personnel, it is likely that Norwegian labour laws would be adhered to for overtime work. The Norwegian Working Environment Act provides guidelines for overtime work, typically limiting it and mandating overtime compensation. The specific amount of compensation would depend on the specific agreements or awards within the Norwegian labour framework.

Rest periods and breaks

Bouvet Island, a remote, sub-Antarctic volcanic island, is uninhabited and therefore, there are no regulations regarding rest periods and breaks for workers. The island has no permanent population or economic activity, eliminating the need for legislation concerning mandated breaks or rest periods.

However, it's worth considering that any future research stations or personnel stationed on Bouvet Island would likely follow Norwegian labour laws concerning rest periods and breaks. The Norwegian Working Environment Act establishes minimum requirements for rest breaks throughout the workday.

Night shift and weekend regulations

Bouvet Island, a remote sub-Antarctic volcanic island, is uninhabited and has no economic activity. As such, there are currently no established rules regarding night shifts or weekend work due to the lack of a permanent population and economic activity. This means there's no legislative framework governing specific work schedules like night shifts or weekend work.

However, if a research station or temporary workers were ever present on Bouvet Island, it's likely that Norwegian labor laws would apply to their work schedules. Norway's Working Environment Act doesn't explicitly prohibit night or weekend work. However, it does mandate minimum rest periods within a workweek, which could indirectly influence night and weekend work arrangements.

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