Employ your people without having to set up an entity

Rivermate payroll is the easiest way to set up global payroll. Let us take care of payroll the right way. With full compliance, benefits and automated payments using our EOR solution

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Hire anywhere

Hire full-time employees anywhere around the world in 150+ countries fully compliant.

Quick and easy setup

Hire and onboard your team in days, not week. Let your employees self-onboard, all within one dashboard.

One simple invoice

No signup fees, annual contracts, just simple transparent pricing. A monthly invoice to pay for your global team.

Local compliance

Employment agreements are compliant with local labor laws and have the legal right you require.

Hire anywhere

Hire your global team in a few clicks

With Rivermate as your Employer of Record, we hire remote employees on your behalf using our global network of local agencies, saving you time, resources, and the hassle of forming a legal entity.

Hire remote employees from anywhere around the world in 150+ countries, in only a few days time.

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Quick and easy setup

Employee self-onboarding

Onboard your employees in days. Let your employees self-onboard via Rivermate's platform, saving you time and error. After your employees are onboarded, they can use the dashboard for:

  • View their information and statistics
  • Access their payslips
  • Time off requests
  • Expense reimbursements
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One simple invoice

Global payments paid with one invoice

Pay for all your employees, benefits and taxes through only one simple invoice in your desired currency, we make sure everything is paid to the right party in the right currency. Reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive payments and pay your global team in just a few clicks

  • Mid-market currency rates
  • Payments in local currencies at no additional cost

Reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive payments and pay your global team in just a few clicks

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Local compliance

Compliance and taxes are taken care of for you

Our team of labor law experts and specialists make sure you're compliant in every country you have employees in. We take care of taxes and compliance, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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"One of the most significant advantages of working with Rivermate is that we are able to concentrate on our core business. We are able to concentrate on what makes Boloo better, what makes our company great, and what helps us to develop our product and focus on it instead of having to process payments to contractors and employees."

Skah van Bijnen
CEO | Boloo

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" We work with a lot of remote employees and before we partnered with Rivermate, we had struggles with compliance in the remote countries. Rivermate is now the Employer of Record for our employees and takes care of all compliance and tax. This way we can stay focussed on growing our business. "

Martijn Voogt
CEO | New Standards

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"I needed something that would save me hours of time processing contracts for various individuals and organizations all over the world while maintaining full compliance in all countries we operate in. Rivermate takes care of everything and saves me days of work each month. Our payroll is running on autopilot now, and our contractors and employees love it too"

Jorg Schoenmakers
Managing director | PRANLO

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