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01. Overview

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August 19, 2021

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02. Grow your team in

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Payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance can be difficult to manage in

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effectively, conveniently, and in full compliance with all relevant labor laws using Rivermate's global employment solution. We handle the responsibilities and legal risks associated with foreign employment so you can concentrate on growing your company.

03. Summary

Saint Kitts and Nevis is an island nation in the West Indies, formally recognized as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. It is the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, both in terms of territory and population, and is located in the Leeward Islands chain of the Lesser Antilles. With Elizabeth II as Queen and Head of State, the nation is a Commonwealth realm. It is the Caribbean's only union. Basseterre, on the larger island of Saint Kitts, is the capital city. Basseterre is also the largest port for both freight and passenger arrivals. The British dependency of Anguilla was historically a part of this union, which was then known as Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla. The smaller island of Nevis is located approximately 3 kilometers southeast of Saint Kitts, through a shallow channel known as The Narrows. Anguilla, on the other hand, decided to leave the union and is now a British overseas territory. The islands of Sint Eustatius, Saba, Saint Barthélemy, Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten, and Anguilla are located to the north-northwest. Antigua and Barbuda are to the east and northeast, and the tiny uninhabited island of Redonda and the island of Montserrat are to the southeast. The Caribbean islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis were among the first to be colonized by Europeans. Saint Kitts is known as "The Mother Colony of the West Indies" because it was home to the first British and French colonies in the Caribbean. It is also the Caribbean's most recent British territory to achieve independence, having done so in 1983.

04. Public holidays

05. Types of leave

Paid time off

Public holidays

Sick days

Maternity leave

Paternity leave

Parental leave

Other leave

06. Employment termination

Termination process

According to national labor laws, you may terminate employment in the following circumstances: at any time during the probationary period without notice; due to the employee's serious misconduct without notice; due to the employee's failure to perform duties satisfactorily; if the employee has received at least two warnings without notice in the preceding six months; due to a permanent infirmity certified by a physician that has lasted at least three months; due to an employee redundancy; because of cessation of relevant operations; modernization or automation; reorganization, material shortages, or change in market; or due to employer death and cessation of the business; and due to the company going into bankruptcy.

Notice period

The required notice period is determined by the number of years they have worked for your business.

Severance pay

With the exception of specified probationary conditions or for misconduct, the employer is responsible for providing advance notice of termination to employees. Employers may also be liable for severance payments, depending on the employee's length of service with the company.

Probation period

The probationary period depends on the agreement between the employer and the employee.

07. Working hours


Work hours of eight hours per day and 40 hours per week should be standard for all employees. The workers are legally entitled to a 24-hour rest period each week.


Any job that lasts 40 hours per week should be compensated at 1½ times the employee's regular rate of pay. The compensation for working on Sundays, rest days, and public holidays should be twice that of the standard days. The employer is legally obligated to record all hours an employee puts in overtime.

08. Minimum wage


The minimum wage is EC 9.00 per hour. Depending on the positions the employer is seeking to fill, market standards for specific industries and roles may vary considerably, so it’s critical to meet current salary standards.

09. Employee benefits


Your workers' health insurance, disability, unemployment, and disability payments are covered by the country's Social Security Fund. However, you may consider offering extra perks to your workers, such as relocation help, performance rewards, or travel stipends, to guarantee they get competitive advantages for their efforts.

The December bonus, which most companies provide to their employees at the end of the year, is one market norm to be aware of. Depending on the employee's normal wages, the incentive may be subject to a levy.

10. Why Rivermate as your Employer of Record / PEO?

Establishing an entity in

Saint Kitts and Nevis

to hire a team takes time, money, and effort. The labor law in

Saint Kitts and Nevis

has strong worker employment protection, requiring great attention to details and a thorough awareness of local best practices. Rivermate makes expanding into

Saint Kitts and Nevis

simple and effortless. We can assist you with hiring your preferred talent, managing HR and payroll, and ensuring compliance with local legislation without the hassle of establishing a foreign branch office or subsidiary. Our PEO and Global Employer of Record solutions in

Saint Kitts and Nevis

give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about how Rivermate can help you hire employees in

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