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01. Overview

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August 19, 2021

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03. Summary

Gabon is a country on the west coast of Central Africa, officially known as the Gabonese Republic. Gabon is bordered on the northwest by Equatorial Guinea, on the north by Cameroon, on the east and south by the Republic of Congo, and on the west by the Gulf of Guinea. It has a population of 2.1 million people and covers an area of approximately 270,000 square kilometers. The coastal plains, valleys, and savanna in the east are the three distinct areas. The coastal plains are part of the Atlantic Equatorial Coastal Forests ecoregion, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Libreville is Gabon's capital and largest city. French is the official language. Pygmy peoples originally settled the region, but Bantu tribes largely replaced and absorbed them as they migrated. In Gabon, a Myeni-speaking kingdom known as the Kingdom of Orungu arose in the 18th century. Because of its ability to buy and sell slaves, it was able to grow into a strong trading center. With the abolition of the slave trade in the 1870s, the empire crumbled. Gabon's sovereign state has had three presidents since its independence from France in 1960. Gabon adopted a multi-party structure and a new democratic constitution in the early 1990s, which made the electoral process more transparent and revamped many government institutions. Gabon is one of the most stable countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the fifth highest HDI in the country and the fifth highest GDP per capita in all of Africa, thanks to abundant petroleum and foreign private investment. From 2010 to 2012, its GDP increased at a rate of more than 6% per year. However, because of income inequality, a sizable portion of the population remains impoverished. Gabon is rich in myths and folklore. Traditions such as the mvett among the Fangs and the ingwala among the Nzebis are preserved by "raconteurs." Gabonese masks, such as the n'goltang and the Kota reliquary figures, are also well-known. Gabon has a diverse range of musical styles, as well as pop stars such as Patience Dabany and Annie-Flore Batchiellilys. Guitarists Georges Oyendze, La Rose Mbadou, and Sylvain Avara, as well as singer Oliver N'Goma, are also well-known. The obala, ngombi, balafon, and traditional drums are all Gabonese folk instruments.

04. Public holidays

05. Types of leave

Paid time off

After a year of service, employees are entitled to two days of paid annual leave per month. Those under the age of 18 are given two and a half days off per month.

Public holidays

New YearEasterEaster MondayEnd of RamadanPentecostMonday of PentecostEid-al-KebirAssumption DayNational HolidayToussaintChristmas

Sick days

Employees are entitled to up to six months of paid sick leave, which the employer pays for. The sick leave pay is covered by social security after six months of illness.

Maternity leave

Female employees are entitled to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave, six weeks of which must be taken prior to the birth. In the event of a pregnancy-related illness, this can be extended by three weeks, and in the case of multiple births, it can be extended by two weeks. Contracts of employees on maternity leave are protected.

Paternity leave

Paternity leave is not a statutory benefit for male employees, but emergency family leave can be used in its place.

Parental leave

Other than the already mentioned terms regarding maternity and paternity leaves, there are no other provisions in the law in Gabon regarding parental leave.

Other leave

06. Employment termination

Termination process

A contract of employment may be terminated due to poor performance or misconduct. Employers must write to terminated employees requesting an interview to explain the grounds for termination. If the employer wishes to end the contract, they must produce a letter explaining why.

Notice period

The notice period begins at fifteen days and escalates based on the number of years the person has worked for the company.

Severance pay

Severance pay ranges from 12 to 4 months' earnings per year of service.

Probation period

The probation period is capped at six months while fixed-term contracts can be of up to 24 months and renewed once.

07. Working hours


The legal working week is 40 hours. The week shall be divided into five days, Monday through Friday, in the public and private sectors throughout the country.


Maximum of 20 hours of overtime per week in exceptional, urgent, or seasonal work due to unusual workload, the necessity of maintaining/increasing production levels, or a staffing shortage.

The rate of overtime pay is set by collective bargaining agreements or government regulations.

08. Minimum wage


The minimum wage is one of Gabon's most important compensation laws. Gabonese employees must earn at least 150,000 CFA francs per month. Furthermore, government employees should be paid a monthly allowance of 20,000 CFA francs per child, as well as transportation, housing, and family benefits. These benefits are not available to private-sector employees.

09. Employee benefits


Gabon has a national fee for service health care system in place. While maternity care and medicine are provided free of charge, employees are required to pay a portion of the cost of other medical services according to a schedule outlined in the employment law.

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