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August 19, 2021

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03. Summary

Anguilla is a Caribbean British overseas territory. It's one of the Lesser Antilles' most northerly Leeward Islands, located east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and directly north of Saint Martin. The main island of Anguilla, which is about 16 miles long and 3 miles wide at its widest point, is joined by a number of much smaller islands and cays with no permanent population. The Valley is the territory's capital. The territory has a total land area of 35 square miles and a population of 18,090 people.

04. Public holidays

05. Types of leave

Paid time off

After one year of work, employees are entitled to 12 days of paid annual leave. After five years of service, this increases to 15 days, and after ten years of service, it increases to 20 days. Employees are also entitled to fully compensated time off for jury duty or court appearances.

Public holidays

There are eighteen public holidays observed in Anguilla.

Sick days

After one year of work, employees are entitled to 14 days of paid sick leave. After working at least 110 days, part-time employees are entitled to one paid sick day for every 22 days worked.

Maternity leave

After one year of work, female employees are entitled to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. After 26 weeks of employment, a maternity stipend is available.

Paternity leave

Male employees are entitled to one month of unpaid paternity leave and a two-week paternity payment based on a percentage of their basic earnings.

Parental leave

Beside the mentioned terms in the maternity and paternity leaves, Anguilla has no other provisions in the law regarding parental leave.

Other leave

06. Employment termination

Termination process

Employers (with or without cause) or employees may terminate employment agreements at the conclusion of a fixed-term contract. Termination notice must be given by the employer.

Notice period

The required notice period varies dependent on the type of the assignment, the duration of the service, and the payment interval.

Severance pay

If an employee is not a periodic employee and is compensated on a piecework basis, severance pay shall consist of one day's pay at the employee's most recent basic rate of pay for each month or significant fraction thereof of employment with his employer and any predecessor-employer. In the case of an employee who is not a periodic employee and is compensated on a piecework basis or whose employment contract provides for part-time employment, one day's pay is equal to the employee's earnings during the thirteen weeks immediately preceding the date of termination, divided by the number of days worked. In the case of a periodic employee, severance pay shall consist of one day's pay for every twenty-nine days worked; any fraction of a day obtained by dividing the number of days worked by twenty-nine shall be counted as one day; and one day's pay equal to the sum of the employee's basic wage for the last twelve months worked, divided by the number of days worked.

Probation period

Any employee's probationary period shall not exceed three months, except for employees with the rank of supervisor or above, for whom the probationary period shall not exceed six months.

07. Working hours


Unless otherwise specified in a collective bargaining agreement, each employer shall provide each employee with a consecutive 24-hour rest period every seven consecutive work days. The standard workday is eight hours long, and the standard workweek is forty hours long.


Employers shall compensate employees at least 1.5 times their basic rate of pay for work performed at the employer's request, on a rest day, in excess of eight hours on any workday, or in excess of forty hours in any week. Hours worked on a holiday are also counted toward a forty-hour workweek.

08. Minimum wage


Although Anguilla does not have a minimum wage, it has enacted legislation to establish a Minimum Wage Advisory Committee to study and recommend a minimum wage. In Anguilla, bonuses are common.

09. Employee benefits


Anguilla has no government or subsidized healthcare, therefore private health insurance is advised.

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